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Android Charts Made Easy – Meet AnyChart Library for Data Visualization in Android Apps! November 21st, 2017 by AnyChart Team

AnyChart Android Charts library released to ease interactive data visualization in Android appsAndroid app developers can now use AnyChart Java wrapper to run our interactive data visualization solutions in native Android apps! Meet AnyChart Android Charts!

It’s a stunning data visualization library for making interactive HTML5 charts in Android apps, running on API 14+ (Android 4.0). AnyChart supplies dozens of different chart types and seamlessly works with any data from any database.

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Amazing Data Visuals Showing US Energy Generation and Other Important Data – DataViz Weekly November 17th, 2017 by AnyChart Team

Amazing Data Visuals Showing US Energy Generation and Other Important Data – DataViz Weekly. Title PictureWelcome to our Data Visualization Weekly series where we bring you some of the latest news and information on a wide range of topics, from family and property to energy and education. We use creative and amazing data visuals from around the Web to present information.

Today we introduce to you interesting data on 4 specific areas that you will find quite interesting to know something about, using a variety of visual elements. We take a closer look at energy generation, marriage statistics by age, and Chicago housing price trends. Another area that we will focus on is MBA – what schools give the biggest (and smallest) boost to salaries. So let’s begin straight away with the first topic.

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AnyChart Extension 2.0 for Qlik Sense Released, Fueling Flexibility in Data Visualization November 15th, 2017 by AnyChart Team

AnyChart Extension 2.0 for Qlik Sense ReleasedWhen AnyChart JS Charts‘ dedicated extension for Qlik Sense first hit the stage on Qlik Branch in the spring of 2017, it was well received by the community. In fact, we delivered what many Qlik users craved: advanced flexibility which at the same time would not affect the ease of interactive data visualization. And that was just the beginning.

Now, we are happy to present version 2.0 of our extension for Qlik Sense!

The major update has brought new chart types and elaborate features out of the box, sharing another portion of the ultimate data visualization power inherent in the AnyChart JavaScript charting library with Qlik users.

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New Cool Visualization Examples Worth Seeing – DataViz Weekly November 10th, 2017 by AnyChart Team

New Cool Visualization Examples Worth Seeing – DataViz WeeklyAnother week, another four interesting visualization examples. That’s how our DataViz Weekly feature works!

For the present post, we’ve selected the following visual graphics:

  • world map of fitness routes;
  • how much Americans need to work to pay mortgage;
  • explorer of US state greenhouse gas emissions;
  • extensive map of mouse brain wiring.

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Data Visualization Weekly: “US Maps” Edition November 3rd, 2017 by AnyChart Team

Data Visualization Weekly: The new issue of DataViz Weekly is fully devoted to US maps. Here you’ll find four interesting geo visualizations telling data stories about the United States of America: the biggest cities, well-being, affordable colleges, high-growth entrepreneurship hotspots.

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