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COVID-19 Risk Assessment App Pandemonium Uses AnyChart for Data Visualization

January 26th, 2022 by AnyChart Team

COVID-19 Risk Assessment App Pandemonium Using AnyChart for Data VisualizationWe continue to support initiatives addressing the pandemic crisis by providing them with a full-featured free license for any of our data visualization tools. Today we are honored to be among the first to talk about a new project that joined this program, an innovative COVID-19 risk assessment app and framework called Pandemonium where all charts and maps are powered by AnyChart.

Built by Quantum Risk Analytics, Inc., a charitable nonprofit founded by MIT alumni, Pandemonium uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to more accurately model the disease spread and provide a highly personalized evaluation of infection risks. It’s not yet publicly launched as the developers want to add a few more major features and data sources before the official release. But the app is already in the testing phase that the team encourages anyone to join.

We asked Richard Hamlin, CEO at Quantum Risk Analytics, Inc., to tell us more about Pandemonium, how it works, and how our data visualization solutions are used. Read on to know all the details.

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Most Stunning New Data Visualization Projects from Around Web — DataViz Weekly

January 14th, 2022 by AnyChart Team

Most Stunning New Data Visualization Projects from Around Web | DataViz WeeklyThanks to your highly positive feedback, we are fully determined to continue DataViz Weekly in the year 2022, a series where the most stunning new data visualization projects are showcased and talked about. So, are you ready for it? Look what made us excited just recently and read on to learn more:

  • FIDE World Chess Championship 2021 — FiveThirtyEight
  • Slaveholders in the U.S. Congress — The Washington Post
  • New COVID-19 cases in the United States, spiralized — The New York Times Opinion Section
  • Energy, environment, policy, and society across the U.S. — Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy

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How to Create Sparklines with JavaScript

January 13th, 2022 by Shachee Swadia

Sparkline Chart of Money Heist IMDb Ratings Built with JavaScriptSparklines are elegant microcharts introduced by Edward Tufte, a renowned statistician and data visualization pioneer. Drawn without any axis and occupying minimal space, these tiny graphs are designed to represent the big picture displaying trends in line with text and within table cells. If you want to learn about an easy way of building a sparkline chart, it is the right place!

In this article, I will show you how to quickly create cool sparkline charts using JavaScript. With OTT content ruling the world of entertainment these days, let’s have fun learning and look at the IMDb ratings of one of the most popular shows nowadays — Money Heist (La Casa de Papel in its original Spanish).

Without more ado, come along on this journey of knowledge heist!

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Best Data Visualizations of 2021 — DataViz Weekly

January 7th, 2022 by AnyChart Team

Best Data Visualizations of 2021In 2021, there were 53 Fridays. It means a total of 53 DataViz Weekly roundups came out during the year, putting a spotlight on some of the most interesting charts, maps, and infographics from around the web. Today, on the first Friday of 2022, we invite you to remember — or get to know in case you missed something — the very best data visualizations of 2021.

As in previous “best of year” collections (2020, 2019, 2018), we decided not to reinvent the wheel but to take a quick look at renowned experts’ picks. Now, check out four lists of the best projects — from Nathan Yau, Kenneth Field, Terence Shin, and

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2021 Year in Review in Graphics — DataViz Weekly

December 31st, 2021 by AnyChart Team

2021 year in review in graphics, the final issue of DataViz Weekly in 2021As we get ready to ring in the New Year 2022, it’s a great time to take a look back at 2021! Over the last 365 days, various experts in data graphics and visual storytelling have done their best to help us better understand what was going on around us with the help of static and interactive charts, maps, and infographics. Now we want to let you recall the most important matters that shaped the passing year from the lens of data visualization.

Here, in the final DataViz Weekly issue of 2021, we bring you a roundup of the year-in-review-in-graphics recaps on Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and POLITICO.

Check it out, see the awesome visuals, and enjoy the start of a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year that we wish you all to have in 2022! 😎🎉

Read more » Picks AnyChart JS Charts to Visualize Data on Georges Simenon’s Work

December 29th, 2021 by AnyChart Team Picks AnyChart JS Charts to Visualize Data on Georges Simenon’s WorkWhen data is all around, it’s no wonder to see charts here or there as they greatly help make sense of it. With thousands of happy customers worldwide, both for our JS charting library and Qlik charting extensions, we have seen countless applications for data visualization across all fields and industries. Some use cases, however, might be less expected than others. What about a website dedicated to literature? — a remarkable resource about Georges Simenon, a famous Belgian writer best known for creating police detective Jules Maigret — has recently started to publish interactive data graphics revealing interesting patterns and facts in his immense work. All the charts on the website are built with AnyChart.

We have chatted with’s creator Oliver Hahn about his project, data visualizations, and experience using our solutions. Read the quick interview and go check out the website. (Stack: HTML/MySQL.)

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New Compelling Data Visualization Projects to See on Christmas Eve (or Later) — DataViz Weekly

December 24th, 2021 by AnyChart Team

New Compelling Data Visualization Projects to See on Christmas Eve (or Later) — DataViz WeeklyWith so many options, we have finally selected the four most compelling of all new data visualization projects seen over the last few days and can’t wait to tell you about them. Welcome to DataViz Weekly on the second last Friday of the year! But before we get down to business: Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!

  • Arab soccer national teams and players — Al Jazeera
  • America’s noisiest and brightest cities — Esri
  • Social distancing in honey bee hives — The Economist
  • Global food system in detail — Our World in Data

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Data Visualization Best Practices in Action — DataViz Weekly

December 17th, 2021 by AnyChart Team

Data Visualization Best Practices in Action in DataViz WeeklyCommitted to bringing you the most robust charting solutions, we also continue to curate weekly roundups highlighting projects that greatly implement data visualization best practices, for your inspiration. A new one is here! Look what we’ve got for you to check out this time on DataViz Weekly:

  • Tornadoes since the late 19th century — Tornado Archive
  • Emoji use frequency in 2021 — Unicode
  • Links between climate change and violent conflicts — Crisis Group
  • Curry’s rise to the NBA’s three-point king — The Washington Post

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How to Build a Surface Chart Using JavaScript

December 15th, 2021 by Shachee Swadia

How to Build a Surface Chart Using JavaScriptData visualization is a must-have skill today with ever-growing data and the need to analyze as well as present that data. You will definitely come across data charts whether you are in the technology industry or not and therefore, it is a good idea to learn how to build visualizations.

I will show you here that building charts is not very tough and with the right tools, you can start creating interactive, interesting visualizations in little time and effort!

In this step-by-step tutorial, I will demonstrate how to represent GDP values of various countries for the past 15 years on a beautiful interactive 3D surface chart using a JavaScript library for data visualization.

The surface plot looks quite complex, but I will show you how straightforward it is to make a compelling and fully functional one.

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Excellent New Visualizations on Vaccination Rates, Air Temperatures, Unemployment Benefits, Political Leanings — DataViz Weekly

December 10th, 2021 by AnyChart Team

Excellent New Visualizations on Vaccination Rates, Air Temperatures, Unemployment Benefits, Political Leanings | DataViz WeeklyIf you love good data visualizations as much as we do, come join us in reviewing some of the most interesting ones we’ve recently come across, in the new issue of DataViz Weekly!

  • Global inequality in COVID-19 vaccine supply and demand — The New York Times
  • U.S. heat data maps — Erin Davis
  • Racial disparity in pandemic unemployment benefits in Georgia — Bloomberg
  • Political progressiveness across San Francisco’s neighborhoods — The San Francisco Chronicle

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