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Archive for June, 2021

AnyChart JS Charts Used to Visualize Data on Ancient French Riddles

June 30th, 2021 by AnyChart Team

Les Enigmes de Mercure, or The Riddles of Mercury, with data on ancient French riddles and visualizations powered by AnyChart JS ChartsAs global leaders in data visualization solutions, we feel it is part of our mission to support educational and research projects by granting their authors a free license to use our products. Les Énigmes de Mercure (The Riddles of Mercury) by Timothée Léchot from the University of Neuchâtel (UniNE) is one such initiative we are proud to back on non-commercial terms.

Recently, we had a quick talk with Timothée and asked him a few questions to learn more about his project and experience visualizing data with the AnyChart JS charting library. Read our quick interview below. (Stack: PHP/MySQL.)

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Exploring Voting Bills, Birth Rates, Hospital Billing, Transit Equity — DataViz Weekly

June 25th, 2021 by AnyChart Team

Exploring voting bills, birth rates, hospital billing, transit equity | DataViz WeeklyJoin us to check out the most awesome data visualizations of all we have come across this week! To begin with, here is a full list of the projects featured today in DataViz Weekly:

  • Proposed and passed voting bills across the U.S. in 2021 — Bloomberg
  • Change in birth rates among American women — NYT
  • Billing practices at the top 100 U.S. hospitals — Axios
  • Transit equity in major U.S. cities — TransitCenter

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Great New Examples of Charts and Maps Worth Seeing — DataViz Weekly

June 18th, 2021 by AnyChart Team

Great New Examples of Charts and Maps Worth Seeing | DataViz WeeklyHardly a day goes by without some cool new charts and maps being built and published, helping to make sense of various data. Every Friday, we tell you about those that have gripped our attention the most during the past few days, within the framework of DataViz Weekly. Come see our new selection!

  • Proposed new parliamentary constituency boundaries for England — BCE
  • Reasons behind the delay of lockdown reopening in England — The Guardian
  • COVID-19 vaccination campaign in India — Reuters
  • Agricultural land use in Germany by crop type — Earth Observation Lab at HU Berlin, ThEO, and ZALF

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How to Create Interactive Timeline Chart with JavaScript

June 17th, 2021 by Shachee Swadia

A laptop screen with an interactive JavaScript Timeline Chart of COVID-19 vaccine development built along this JS charting tutorialI think all of us have come across timelines somewhere or the other; as a means of conveying chronological information, the classic timeline is unmatched, both in the depth of information conveyed and the “cool” factor, when done with a deft creative touch. So, with that said, would you like to learn how to build a timeline chart using JavaScript that both looks great and is simple to create? (Of course, you do!) Follow along with me as I take you through the step-by-step breakdown for developing your own JS timeline with a practical example.

As the world continues to battle with COVID-19, the long-awaited good news is the development of vaccines across the globe. Here, I decided to build an interactive timeline that showcases the phases of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine development in the United States. To add more contextual information, I also wanted to show approvals from other countries and some related facts, including the dates for the development of the 3 other vaccines approved for usage in the US.

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New Fascinating Visualizations to Explore on Weekend — DataViz Weekly

June 11th, 2021 by AnyChart Team

New fascinating visualizations to explore on the weekend, featured this time in DataViz WeeklyDataViz Weekly is here with a new dose of fascinating data graphics for visualization addicts! Check out some of the most interesting recent projects right away!

  • Changes in the American diet over the past 40 years — Nathan Yau
  • Surveillance cameras in New York City — Amnesty International
  • Cities with similar street networks — Andrei Kashcha
  • A million soccer passes visualized at once — Karim Douïeb

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Visualizing Data on COVID-19, Deprivation, Chess, Fishing — DataViz Weekly

June 4th, 2021 by AnyChart Team

A DataViz Weekly roundup of new projects visualizing data on COVID, deprivation, chess, fishingEach Friday, we pick the most compelling new data visualizations and show them in a quick overview. Take a look at our latest DataViz Weekly collection and feel the power of charts and maps!

  • COVID-19 rates for unvaccinated people in the U.S. — The Washington Post
  • Income deprivation within English local authorities — ONS
  • Where chess pieces are usually captured — Anders Sundell
  • Global Fishing Watch Marine Manager — Global Fishing Watch

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