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Archive for September, 2014

AnyChart 7.1.1 Released

September 18th, 2014 by Timothy Loginov

Today we are making a minor release with some bug fixes. We would like to mention that these bugs were found with a help of our extensive QA and testing systems. To create a good component, it is not enough to implement all features needed — one should also make them work well. That is why AnyChart products go through numerous tests and the strict verification by our QA Team.

To make tests and control quality, we use our own testing system with a cute name CAT — which, in fact, stands for The Complex for Automated Testing. The systems uses Selenium and makes all tests both in the headless WebKit PhantomJS and real browsers. The CAT supports testing sessions and never stands idle. There are thousands of tests which cover all methods of all classes from the API. All bugs we have ever found are also covered with tests, so we are sure that a bug which was killed once will never appear again.

Cat 1

Though we are doing our best to find all issues ourselves, we appreciate help from our customers, and for in 7.1.1 release we thank our good friend Kevin Brown from Xportability for two bug reports:

  • DVF-752 Duplicate namespace declaration in IE.
  • DVF-808 A conflict with the prototype.

And we thank our QA Team for the other bug fixes. You can take a look at the list in our version history.

Trial download is available at, try AnyChart – the tested solution you can trust!