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Archive for November, 2008

Apex Evangelists: AnyChart 5 integration kit for APEX

November 18th, 2008 by Anton Baranchuk

Our partners Apex Evangelists have published integration kit for our products and Oracle Application Express. We’re cross-posting that article here. Thank you, Apex Evangelists!!!  Link to original post>>

A few days ago we released our Anychart 5 integration kit for Oracle Application Express (APEX).


APEX has the ability to create (flash) charts. They are based on an older version of Anychart, version 3.3. Although these charts are already nice, there are some problems with it. You can’t do everything you want with it, you can’t print for ex, in short they look fine but not great.
Anychart released a while ago Anychart 5 which not only looks a lot nicer, but it resolved the problems and it has a lot more possibilities and features! Below, on the left, a chart created in APEX by using one of the predefined examples and on the right, the chart in Anychart 5 format.

I hope these charts speak for themselves 😉 Read more »