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Archive for February, 2009

News from our partners – Apex Evangelists

February 27th, 2009 by Anton Baranchuk

Dimitri Gielis from Apex Evangelists has announced European APEX training days in Manchester, UK,  20th-22nd of April. Apex Evangelists is a company which specializes in working with the Oracle Application Express development Environment and also they are our partners and have extensive experience of working with the AnyChart products. Together with them we provide AnyChart APEX integration kit, see it here:

Please read more details about upcoming training in his blog.

APEX training days

PS. “Mastering Charts and Gantts” is one of sessions of that training

AnyChart 5.1.2 – JavaScript Data Manipulation

February 13th, 2009 by Timothy Loginov

javascript anychart ria flash On 13th of February AnyChart is proud to release version 5.1.2 of AnyChart Flash Charting Component with JavaScript Data Manipulation Methods.

Please download the latest trial version from AnyChart Download Section.

AnyChart is based on XML data input, but if you’d like to create Data Streaming or fully Client Size interactive applications you can use Java Script data manipulation options. These methods allows you to add, remove or change the data points and data series in a single chart or in the chart that is a part of a dashboard. Also, you can highlight a point or a series, or select/deselect a point. Along with AJAX related functions you can create application that will give users the great option of run-time chart data editing.

Also, the special Dataplot Attributes can be used to update chart titles, footers and other texts on the chart.

Read more about JavaScript Data Manipulation in AnyChart Users Guide >>

Here is a bunch of samples that give  you an overview of new features:

anychart oracle apex

Oracle APEX Users can now use an updated AnyChart 5.1 Engine in their APEX Applications – 5.1.2 release features new integration kit. Please refer to Apex Evangelists: AnyChart 5 integration kit for APEX for more.

AnyChart 5.1.1 – CSV Data Support, Flash CS3 Charts

February 3rd, 2009 by Timothy Loginov

Just in 10 days after the previous release – new 5.1.1 version has arrived. We’re happy to introduce several new features. “We’ve added feature-rich CSV support,” said Alex Batsuev, lead developer of AnyChart product.  “This feature began as a customer request.” It allows to make data file smaller and decrease loading time.  It is possible to reuse CSV tables in different series and dashboard views. Read more about CSV Data>>

CSV Import Adobe Flash integration Drag Ability for Scrollable Charts

Other AnyChart version 5.1.1 new features

  • Adobe Flash Integration 
    New Feature – A set of samples making possible the use of AnyChart Charts, Maps and Gauges in Flash CS3.
    Read more Flash CS3 Integration >>
  • Drag Ability for Scrollable Charts
    New Feature – Drag Ability for Scrollable Charts. You can configure chart to make it draggable when the chart area is zoomed.

Read more about AnyChart version history and plans for new upcoming releases. Feel free to contact us with your comments, ideas and suggestions.