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AnyChart Features

Interactive JavaScript charts designed to be embedded and integrated into web, desktop, and mobile apps

See our demos: AnyChart, AnyStock, AnyGantt, AnyMap

Wide variety of JavaScript Chart types

AnyChart product family includes more than 79 different chart types and we're constantly adding new ones.

Big Data Charts

Our JavaScript charts support rendering thousands of data points in milliseconds. Run a speedtest or try real-time live data streaming.

Your Charts, Your Design

It is easy to adjust look and feel of your charts using themes and palettes - AnyChart includes set of pre-built sets or you can create your own scheme.

Drawing Tools and Annotations

Need to show additional information or annotations? It is really easy with AnyChart drawing tools. Try it right now!

Technical Indicators

Need to analyze your data? Our JS charts include dozens of pre-built technical indicators and you can easily create your own.


Building international or multi-language solution? No problems - we speak any language!
AnyChart provides 194 predefined locale files, and you can build your own as well.

Five resources to learn AnyChart

Each day we doing out best to make AnyChart learning process as easy and convenient as possible

200+ tutorials on how to create interactive JavaScript charts and utilize every charting feature available in AnyChart's libraries. Each article is illustrated with relevant data visualization examples that can be modified on the fly using our Playground.

Comprehensive and detailed descriptions of each namespace, class, method, and property available in the AnyChart JavaScript charting API. All entries feature links to ready-to-use interactive chart samples.

All interactive JS charting samples used in AnyChart's Documentation, API Reference, and Chartopedia. Here you can play with their JavaScript and full HTML source code as well as freely modify any example, run it, etc.

60+ chart types explained, illustrated, and grouped into 8 categories by purpose. Here you'll be able to learn all about each chart type supported in AnyChart's JavaScript charting libraries and always choose the right one for your data visualization.

Easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorials created by our team and guest bloggers show how to quickly visualize real-world data in elegant interactive JS charts of various types. Have fun learning.

Exporting and Sharing

You can easily share a chart made with AnyChart JavaScript library to a social network like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn. Also it allows implementing custom integration with any other social network using image sharing functions. And of course, you can save a chart as an image in PDF, PNG, JPG or SVG formats or download chart data as Excel or CSV file.
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Business Solutions and Dashboards

Business intelligence dashboards arrange numbers, metrics and performance scorecards on a single screen. Dashboards help executives, management, and employees to view KPI's and assess the situation. BI dashboards help to understand the data and improve the efficiency of an organization.

AnyChart provides many sample web-applications with interactive BI dashboards. Every interactive JavaScript dashboard in these apps is created with AnyChart.

Thousands of companies already use AnyChart to create interactive dashboards. Join us and build your own!

Are you building Sales Dashboard, Site Speed Monitor, CIO Dashboard, Investment Portfolio, Human Resources Dashboard, Technical Support Dashboard? AnyChart can do this and more.

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Samples for Your Stack

AnyChart can run on any platform and with any database. These samples were created to demonstrate
how AnyChart JavaScript charts can be easily integrated into your environment.