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Archive for July, 2008

The list of well-known companies that have chosen AnyChart

July 28th, 2008 by Anton Baranchuk

Our sales managers get a lot of questions from prospective customers regarding other companies that have chosen AnyChart. We’ve decided to publish the list of some clients with well-known names.



Ford Motors





JPMorgan Chase

Lockheed Martin

Novo Nordinsk



General Electrics

NXP Corporation


Federal Bank of Chicago





AnyChart 5.0 Release – featuring Interactive Circular (Angular) and Linear (Horizontal and Vertical) Gauges

July 24th, 2008 by Timothy Loginov

On July 25th, AnyChart Team is proud to present AnyChart version 5.0 with the multipurpose, feature rich Gauge engine.

Version 5.0 Release Overview:

  • Gauges Charting Engine
    • Circular (Angular) Gauges – variable angles, multiple scales, auto-fit.
    • Linear Vertical and Horizontal – color ranges, multiple scales and pointers.
    • Image Gauge – for nice look and total customization.
    • Custom Labels – to add descriptions and annotations.
    • Indicator Gauge – to represent device or business indicators.
    • Bullet Graphs.
    • Thermometer Styled Linear Gauges.
    • Tank Styled Linear Gauges.
  • Basic Charts Engine Improvements
    • Exploded Slices for Single-Series Pie and Donut Charts.
    • Sorting feature for Pie and Donut Charts.
    • Dashed Grids and Lines.
    • Opera Tooltip Redraw Bug Fixed.
    • Map Tooltip Position in Flex Component Bug Fixed.
    • Animation in Dashboard Mode Fixed.

Please take a look at the Gauge Samples in our Chart Gallery:

And do not miss an opportunity to test:

The trial version can be downloaded from Download Section.

Existing users eligible for the free or discounted upgrade – please contact support team to upgrade to version 5.0.

Here is a sample Gauges Dashboard created  with AnyChart version 5.0: