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Archive for January, 2013

AnyStock 1.8.0 Available

January 22nd, 2013 by Timothy Loginov

A new version of AnyChart Stock and Financial Charts is available – AnyStock 1.8.0. In this version you will find a number of great new features and improvements. Now you can easily show positive and negative Infinity on your chart, enjoy full support for the scientific number format in CSV, and use some other new options. For more detailed information, please see links to our documentation and Knowledge Database.

New features


  • Full support for the scientific number format in CSV.
  • Single point data sets display is improved.


  • NaN labels no longer show up when extra axes with no series bound are used.
  • Preset buttons are now updated properly when the StockMain.selectRange() method is used.
  • Minor calculation issues with Y-Axis scale are fixed.
  • Point order on multiple append is now treated correctly.

Note: if you are using the applySettingsChanges() method along with drawing annotations, you may encounter errors on update if any of the charts doesn’t have an id, so please always assign an id to the chart in such cases.

Here you can see AnyStock version history:
The new version is available for trial download: