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Archive for March, 2011

Rockford Corp. Chooses AnyChart Solution

March 30th, 2011 by Margaret Skomorokh

It is great to have a lot of different clients in various industries. Today we publish another success story, this time about a company from the Electronic Equipment industry.

Rockford Corporation manufactures audio electronics, speakers & accessories. Since 1973, the company provides outstanding mobile audio solutions. It has also designed the industry’s first online woofer enclosure recommendation and modeling application called the RFTECH:Woofer BoxAdvisor, which allows to plot either theoretical or real in-car acoustical transfer functions.

The application uses AnyChart extensively. According to Eric Russell, WebWizard and Technical Writer for Rockford Fosgate, RFTECH:Woofer BoxAdvisor “is very functional due to AnyChart’s dynamic flash charts and gauges with real-time updating.”

You can enjoy the success story here:

logo_rockford Rockford Corp.
Rockford Corp. Chooses AnyChart Solution for Industry’s First Online Woofer Modeling Application >>

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AnyStock Integration Kit for Oracle APEX Now Available

March 28th, 2011 by Margaret Skomorokh

Good news: APEX Evangelists have released an Integration Kit for AnyChart Stock and Financial Charts for Oracle Application Express – web application development tool used by thousands of developers all over the world.

APEX Evangelists are our long-term partners. They provide their APEX experience, and we provide our modern charting technologies. Today we happily introduce:

The Integration Kit includes an APEX plug-in to easily add AnyStock charts into any your APEX applications. For full AnyStock functionality, a manual installation is also possible. Every purchase of Integration Kit includes the license for AnyStock Charts and the APEX integration kit itself which may be adapted to include other features.

You can learn more about AnyStock at:

AnyStock for APEX licensing and purchase options are available at:

Do not hesitate to contact us or APEX Evangelists if you have any questions.

HTML5 Version of AnyChart Coming Soon

March 24th, 2011 by Timothy Loginov

With the increasing popularity of iOS devices gaining traction in the marketplace, AnyChart is proud to announce the upcoming release of AnyChart HTML5. The new version is planned for release in May of 2011. A private Beta will be distributed in April.

A demo version can be found here:

You can also take a look at a demo video, showing AnyChart at iPad:

A short Q & A with our HTML5 Lead developer Alex Batsuev:

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Charts and Fiction

March 23rd, 2011 by Margaret Skomorokh

One would think that the only mission of charts is presenting boring information in scientific works and at report-back meetings. However, charts, along with some other data visualization methods, are a very refined and expressive tool, so they are able to reproduce more elevated meanings as well and even can become a kind of art. These splendid prospects inspire us so much that we have introduced a new tag – Charts and Art.

Let’s begin with charts in fiction. There are only two examples we’ve found for the moment (fiction being a text first of all), but they clearly demonstrate the powerful tragicomic potential of line charts!
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Public Roadmap for AnyChart Stock is Available

March 15th, 2011 by Margaret Skomorokh

The public roadmap for AnyChart Stock and Financial Charts is now available at this page:

There you can find the information about AnyChart Stock 1.1.0 – a new version that is coming April 15th with the following changes:

New features

  • AnyChart Stock Flex component will be available, and all Flex developers will have access to the great features of AnyStock in a convenient manner. Full AnyStock Flex API will also be published.
  • The end user will get the opportunity to use a variety of drawing tools such as Line segment, Ray, Discontinuous line, Vertical Line, Horizontal Line, Rectangle, Ellipse, Triangle, Trend channel, Andrew’s pitchfork, Fibonacci fan, Fibonacci arc, Fibonacci retracement, Fibonacci time-zones, Buy/Sell signals, Custom text labels and so on.
  • It will be possible to use RangeArea, RangeSplineArea or RangeBar series types to visualize Bollinger Bands technical indicator. You will be able chose between two types of visualization: using two lines or using range based series.
  • A new Boolean attribute named adjust_margins will be added to global time scale settings. This attribute will allow to add paddings that may be required when displaying Bar, RangeBar, OHLC or Candlestick series.
  • Event markers appearance will become configurable. It will be possible to bind event markers to any field of series data provider.


  • The performance of mouse over the chart area will be sufficiently improved. Legends and tooltips will be updated faster.
  • An improvement in range picker behavior will be made: input values and input masks will be internally trimmed.

Demos and help materials updates

  • A default template with all the settings that are used in the inheritance process will be available in XML format.
  • The full source code of AnyStock Technical Analysis Portal will be downloadable so that you could freely use it as a template for your project.

Bug fixes

  • The current version of the component sometimes skips points while parsing CSV files – this bug will be fixed.
  • In “PercentChanges” calculation mode of Y scales, negative values will be handled correctly.
  • All interactive elements will correctly handle redrawing and update their focuses after data or event markers commits.
  • The bug that in some conditions forces the chart to calculate maximum on scatter will be fixed.
  • The external JavaScript method applySettingsChanges() is not able to switch data grouping on or off. This bug will be fixed.
  • Incorrect work of the external JavaScript method removeEventMarkerGroup() will be fixed.