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Archive for November, 2007

Announce – new version with interactive maps

November 12th, 2007 by Anton Baranchuk

We’re glad to announce new version of our charting component with new exciting chart type – geographical maps.

Interactive Maps is a unique feature of AnyChart component that allows you to visualize geo related data.

We use the same swf file to render maps and charts – it allows combining maps and chart in the interactive dashboard and easily deploying both of them.

The maps themselves are stored in a separate file with “*.amap” extension. You just place this file and swf file on your server and specify it in XML settings file to render a desired map.

Here are some tasks you can solve with AnyChart Flash Maps:

* Create Drilldown Maps.
* Create Geographical Related Dashboards.
* Create RealEstate, Distributor, Franchise, Dealer, etc. locators.
* Visualize statistical or reporting data easily.
* Visualize marketing research reports.
* Create Area Selectors for web-sites.

AnyChart Flash Map Features:

* Draw custom markers, bubbles, lines and connectors on the maps.
* Draw any map shipped in the package with no additional charge or royalty – see the list of available maps .
* Use any SHP file to create your custom map – if you have SHP files that contains maps you need – contact us at and we will convert them into AnyChart compatible format.
* Display any map in one of ten map projections.
* Use geographical coordinates (longitude, latitude) to add custom points to the map.
* Use thresholds to color a map automatically, according to the data stored in your database.
* Add legend, labels and tooltips to a map.
* Attach custom actions to any map region – to create interactive web applications.
* Attach any custom data from your database to the map – for labels, tooltips, legend, coloring or actions.

New maps

AnyChart 4.1.1 – new version with the significant perfomance improvement

November 5th, 2007 by Anton Baranchuk

Today AnyChart programmers have released the new version – 4.1.1 with one very exciting improvement – the performance while loading the data. They say that some research work in the area of nanotechnology and the latest results in CPU engineering were involved 😉 and here it is –

Some tests with huge data sets show the improvement in 30 times – awesome! Now it is very fast!

Yes – I believe in nanotechnology and that words about CPU engineering, but I still think that we deal with some black magic here. 🙂

Of course it is a joke about nanotechnology, actually a lot of work was done to optimize the processing of data and tuning the loading of XML and we’ve got the result. I’m sure AnyChart users would appreciate that and like the new release.

Flash player 9: relative url with colon and dot signs

November 1st, 2007 by Alex Batsuev

Interesting in URLLoader and URLRequest.

If you are trying to load file using relative URL, that contains colon (“:”) and dot(“.”) in param values, you receive security error:

var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest("/test.flash?p=smth::else");
var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest("./test.flash?p=smth::else");

are not valid URL’s for Flash Player because flash player doesn’t escape “:” in urls.

You should use absolute URL’s for it:


var request:URLRequest = new