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Archive for May, 2015

New Partnership Announcement: Datonix and AnyChart

May 22nd, 2015 by Margaret Skomorokh

We are very pleased to announce that AnyChart have partnered with Datonix.

Datonix primary product is datonixOne, a computer appliance designed for BIGDATA Solutions and eXpress development. Using datonixOne, Federated BIGDATA applications can be quickly developed, providing ready information for end users.

AnyChart partners:

AnyChart 7.4.1 Update Available

May 15th, 2015 by Timothy Loginov

In the AnyChart 7.4.1 update, we have added a lot of great features and improvements including a major upgrade of Legend API. Here is the full list of improvements and bug fixes:

New Features

Legend API Improvements
(For more information, see the Legend API Reference.)

  • Removed the itemsProvider method.
  • Added the itemsSourceMode method, allowing a set of legend items to switch between series and categories.
  • Added the items method, allowing to create a custom set of legend items.
  • Added the itemsFormatter method, allowing to customize the default set of legend items.
  • Added the itemsTextFormatter method, allowing to customize the text of legend items.
  • Added the hoverCursor method, allowing to customize the behavior of the cursor.
  • Added the inverted method, allowing to invert the sequence of legend items.
  • Added the legendItem method for all series, allowing to customize legend items.

Legend Interactivity Improvements
(For more information, see the Legend section in our User’s Guide.)

  • A series is highlited when a legend item is hovered.
  • A series is disabled when a legend item is clicked.
  • Added an easy way to customize the default behavior via the preventDefault and stopPropagation methods.

Other Improvements

  • The default interactivity now works the same in all chart types (Radar/Polar, Cartesian, Scatter, etc.).
  • Circular Gauges: drawing improved.

Bug fixes:

  • Solved problems with multiple lines in texts (\n\n).
  • Tables are now redrawn when internal settings of charts are changed.
  • Y-scale is no longer inverted in Win/Loss series.
  • Changing the orientation of a Bullet Chart no longer causes the drawing bug.
  • Solved problems with drawing multiple axes in Cartesian and Scatter Charts.
  • Fixed the bug with Tooltips padding.
  • Hover settings for Data Labels now can be set from Data.
  • Fixed the bug with drawing Grids in IE6-8 (VML).
  • Fixed the bug with the position of Tooltips in IE6-8 (VML).

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