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Android Charts Made Easy – Meet AnyChart Library for Data Visualization in Android Apps!

November 21st, 2017 by AnyChart Team

AnyChart Android Charts library released to ease interactive data visualization in Android appsAndroid app developers can now use AnyChart Java wrapper to run our interactive data visualization solutions in native Android apps! Meet AnyChart Android Charts!

It’s a stunning data visualization library for making interactive HTML5 charts in Android apps, running on API 14+ (Android 4.0). AnyChart supplies dozens of different chart types and seamlessly works with any data from any database.

Why Use AnyChart for Android Charts

So if you are an Android developer and you need to quickly create beautiful charts of any type for your Android app, you’ll love the solution! Simply connect our library and work with charts in Java, the language that you know and understand so well.

Getting Started

To get started with the library, follow the instructions on the AnyChart Android Charts page.

In addition to the Quick Start tutorial, check out demo charts of multiple chart types (see the list of all the chart types currently supported in AnyChart out of the box in case you are interested).

Here are the chart types represented in the Android charts showcase (you can learn more about each on Chartopedia):

1. Pie chart.
2. Column chart.
3. Line chart.
4. Venn diagram.
5. Heat Map chart.
6. Waterfall chart.
7. Treemap chart.
8. Scatter chart.
9. Resource chart.
10. Radar chart.
11. Range chart.
12. Funnel chart.
13. PERT chart.
14. Tag cloud.
15. Polar chart.
16. Pyramid chart.
17. Bubble chart.
18. Area chart.
19. Bar chart.
20. Box chart.
21. Mosaic chart.
22. Mekko chart.
23. Circular gauge.
24. Pareto chart.

Among the Android chart examples shown in the instructions, there are also 3D charts (Bar, Column and Area) and two combined visualizations: Stacked Column + Line chart (with dual Y-axis), and Vertical Jump Line + Bar chart.

Enjoy Android Charts Powered by AnyChart!

Now it’s time to enjoy charting with AnyChart in Android apps!

In the meantime, that’s only the first version of our Android library for data visualization. So we are immensely looking forward to your feedback so we could further improve it the right way. Feel free to comment on what (else) we should add, explain or illustrate to make you and the community even happier.

Comments (12)


Nitish Dubey    15th Dec 20 1:36 pm

How to add horizontal pointer on y-axis on chart?

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AnyChart Team    16th Dec 20 10:17 pm

What chart do you mean? Anyway, if you could not find it in our docs and other resources, you are always welcome to contact our support engineers and they will be happy to help you out ASAP. Thank you.

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jj    29th Feb 20 8:37 am

When putting 2 radars in 1 scrollview, the second progressbar keeps on spinning. Yes, i have used the APIlib.getInstance().setActiveAnyChartView(anyChartView) for each radar.

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AnyChart Team    3rd Mar 20 4:23 am

Provide our Support Team with all details on what and how you chart, please. They will be glad to look into this for you. Thanks.

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Twinkle    28th Feb 20 10:29 am

How can i implement anychart using json data fetched from api links in android(dynamic data)?

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AnyChart Team    28th Feb 20 3:17 pm

Please contact our Support Team with more details on what you are trying to implement and they will be happy to assist. Thanks you.

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Mani    9th Sep 19 5:20 am

How to implement Offline Anychart fetch data from sqlite database without internet connection

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AnyChart Team    9th Sep 19 11:45 am

Thanks for your interest. Our Support Team will be glad to be of quick and consistent help if there are any problems on that, so feel free to contact them directly. Thank you.

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Amir    19th Sep 18 7:49 pm

Hello, how can I use any chart for ploting an organization chart? (Tree chart)

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AnyChart Team    22nd Sep 18 8:36 am

Tree Chart is not supported out of the box yet, but it’s in our plans. In case you are interested, we are going to add Word Tree very soon, and also for organization visualizations, AnyChart already has Sunburst Chart and Treemap Chart. Any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Support Team.

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Sriram    5th May 18 7:02 am

Nice graph

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AnyChart Team    6th May 18 3:22 pm


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