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JS Charting Without Borders: 21 New Integration Templates for Popular Stacks December 19th, 2016 by AnyChart Team

Making your data visualization life ever easier is what we at AnyChart are boundlessly passionate about. This time we focused on further simplifying the integration of our JS charting solutions into your web development environment.

So, prepare to replan your schedule! From now on, you will spend tangibly less time on charting. And please greet the 21 New Technical Integration Templates that we have just released! They will help you deploy HTML5 graphs, maps, stock charts, dashboards, and Gantt diagrams in your stack as easily (and rapidly!) as never before, no matter what programming languages, frameworks, and databases are used.

You can find the templates right here on our website, in the Technical Integrations section.

Technical integration templates and samples for using AnyChart JS charting libraries with various languages, frameworks, and databases even easier

Basically, our powerful JavaScript/HTML5 based solutions for interactive data visualization – AnyChart, AnyMap, AnyStock, and AnyGantt – are inherently compatible with all major technologies and platforms. Configuring each JS charting library is easy, and we are sure all of you are more than capable of making even rather complicated integrations prefectly done by yourself. But we keep on doing our best to bring you the ultimate simplicity and clarity so you could get along without additional research and other time-consuming activities.

The integration templates we’ve added cover the most popular languages, frameworks and libraries, and database programs. Below is the list of the newly available combinations.

Templates for easily integrating AnyChart JS charting libraries into your stack:

C# / VB.NET based ASP.NET and AnyChart JS Charts: integration templates
ASP.NET integration
  • ASP.NET, C# and MySQL
  • ASP.NET, C#, SignalR and MySQL
The Go programming language and AnyChart JS Charts: integration templates
Go integration
  • Go and MySQL
  • Go, Revel and MySQL
Java Spring / Java Servlets and AnyChart JS Charts: integration templates
Java integration
  • Java Spring, Maven, Hibernate and MySQL
  • Java Servlets, Maven, JDBC, JSP and MySQL
Julia and AnyChart JS Charts: integration templates
Julia integration
  • Julia and MySQL
NodeJS and AnyChart JS Charts: integration templates
NodeJS integration
  • NodeJS and MongoDB (using
  • NodeJS, Express, Jade and MongoDB
Perl and AnyChart JS Charts: integration templates
Perl integration
  • Perl, Catalyst Web Framework and MySQL
PHP and AnyChart JS Charts: integration templates
PHP integration
  • PHP, Laravel and MySQL
  • PHP, Slim and MySQL
  • PHP, Symfony and MySQL
Python and AnyChart JS Charts: integration templates
Python integration
  • Python, Flask and MySQL
  • Python, Django and MySQL
The R language and AnyChart JS Charts: integration templates
R integration
  • R, Shiny and MySQL
Ruby on Rails and AnyChart JS Charts: integration templates
Ruby on Rails integration
  • Ruby on Rails, Sinatra and MySQL
  • Ruby on Rails and MySQL
Scala and AnyChart JS Charts: integration templates
Scala integration
  • Scala, Akka and MySQL
  • Scala, Play and MySQL

We hope you agree that this is a tremendous addition to the JS charting integration samples published earlier:

  • Clojure, ClojureScript and PostgreSQL,
  • iOS, Objective-C and SQLite,
  • NodeJS and MongoDB,
  • PHP and MySQL,
  • PHP, Slim and MySQL.

So, you are welcome to make use of our integration templates and samples for easier data visualization. All of them are released on GitHub under the Apache 2.0 License, rest in the AnyChart Integrations repository, and can be forked and changed in any way.

We are going to keep the collection growing further. Meanwhile, please send us your suggestions on what other particular integration you are interested to learn about first, and – as always! – that one will be prioritized; just contact our Support Team for that and name your stack.

To make your JS charting life even easier, we will release special AnyChart plugins for Angular, Ember, jQuery, Meteor, and React JavaScript frameworks in February 2017, with the 7.13.0 update. But this is a completely other remarkable story. Stay tuned. And thanks for being with us!

AnyChart Open-Sources Powerful, Draw-Anything JS Graphics Library GraphicsJS September 15th, 2016 by AnyChart Team

It is a pleasure for us to announce this today! We have just launched GraphicsJS, a free, open-source, lightweight JavaScript library which allows you to draw any JS graphics and animation for your HTML5 projects very easily. It is significantly more powerful and feature-rich than Raphaël, BonsaiJS, and other formerly leading SVG/VML graphics solutions.

GraphicsJS - free open-source JS graphics library for easily drawing anything (HTML5)

GraphicsJS has always been the graphics engine that our JavaScript (HTML5) charting libraries are built on – AnyChartAnyStock, AnyGantt, and AnyMap. As a result, it already powers data visualization activities for many of you – Oracle, Microsoft, Volkswagen, AT&T, Samsung, BP, Bosch, Merck, Reuters, Bank of China, Lockheed Martin, and thousands of all the other highly respected AnyChart’s customers including more than 70% of Fortune 1000 companies.

Of course, data visualization is not the only but just one of multiple fields where the library of GraphicsJS can be helpful and even essential. Generally speaking, this solution can help you produce virtually anything graphical from scratch: static and animated images, cartoons, games, interactive infographics, mind maps, and many other amazing things in HTML5.

Key Features of JS Graphics Library

  • Mighty line drawing abilities – Bézier curves, arcs, rectangles, and many other kinds of forms and deformations.
  • Powerful text manipulation features – multiline texts, measurement, including width, height, as well as wrap, overflow, indent, spacing, align, etc.
  • Virtual DOM for drawing fast and only what is necessary.
  • Smart layering system with z-index.
  • Transformation engine – embarrassing in-browser transformations are not used.
  • Legacy browser support (Internet Explorer 6+).
  • Concise and convenient JavaScript API with chaining support.

By the way, making our graphics engine open-source is just the beginning as – we are also pleased to tell you – AnyChart is going to open the source code of our charting libraries soon! We believe that our great developments in the fields of graphics and data visualization should be even more visible and reachable to any programmer from any part of the world, not to mention that we would love to allow the community to contribute.

Please refer to to learn more about GraphicsJS. As always, the demos are available on our Playground (Graphics section). Also, let’s not forget about the Graphics Documentation and Graphics API Reference.

What’s more, the GraphicsJS library and all relevant samples can be freely downloaded and forked on GitHub.

AnyChart Charting Library 7.11.1 Available September 2nd, 2016 by Margaret Skomorokh

A hotfix for AnyChart charting library is now available: we have released AnyChart, AnyMap, AnyGantt, and AnyStock 7.11.1. Here is a full list of improvements and bug fixes:

All Products


  • Legend width/height behavior improved.
  • Scatter Series behaviour made consistent with other series.
  • Credits behaviour improved.
  • The appendTheme() method added for easier management of themes.
  • Beta version of the Data Adapter Module added for easier management of external files.
  • Export Server can now return images as base64 strings or as shareable links.

Bug Fixes

  • XML Schema validity problems fixed.
  • Various minor Export Server issues fixed.
  • Various minor Interactivity issues fixed.
  • Inconsistent zIndex behaviour fixed.
  • Various XML serialization/deserialization fixed.
  • Various JSON serialization/deserialization fixed.
  • The toXML() deserialization method no longer adds unnecessary data into XML.



  • Circular Gauge Ranges and Axis Bar can now be properly rounded.

Bug Fixes

  • Pie events fixed.
  • Funnel Chart label placement algorithm fixed.
  • Series on/off problems fixed.
  • 3D Chart events fixed.
  • Context Menu in Linear Gauges fixed.
  • Series Legend Interactivity issues fixed.
  • Seat Map labels fixed.
  • Legend Interactivity issues fixed.
  • Issues with Ordinal Axis Labels fixed.
  • Circular Gauge Gradient display issues fixed.
  • Tree Map coloring issues fixed.
  • Range Marker issues fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • The remove() method problems fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • Problems with inheritance of PERT Chart settings fixed.
  • PERT Chart export CSV issues fixed.



  • Overall Performance improved, especially in Firefox.

AnyChart version history:
AnyMap version history:
AnyGantt version history:
AnyStock version history:

Trial download of AnyChart charting library:

AnyChart JavaScript Charts 7.9.0 Released January 27th, 2016 by Margaret Skomorokh

We are very glad to announce that we have updated all products in our AnyChart JavaScript Charts Package! Four new releases are now available for download: AnyChart 7.9.0, AnyMap 7.9.0, AnyGantt 7.9.0, and AnyStock 7.9.0.

We have added 3D charts and String Tokens to AnyChart and have significantly improved its performance. AnyMap now supports Longitude and Latitude as well as Move and Zoom; unique projections for more than 220 maps have been added. Other important new features are Event Markers, Timeline Markers, Localization Support (AnyGantt) and Technical Indicators (AnyStock).

AnyChart 7.9.0 New Features

3D Bar/Column JavaScript Charts 3D Bar/Column Chart
Though data visualization specialists take a negative attitude towards any Pseudo 3D graphics, we think that our 3D Bar and Column JavaScript Charts are able to complement and enhance any visualization. You can adjust the angle and depth using the zAngle and zDepth methods.
Take a look at 3D Bar/3D Column Chart in the Gallery.
Learn more about 3D Bar/3D Column Chart.
3D Area JavaScript Charts 3D Area Chart
We are very proud that we have succeeded to create such a beautiful 3D Area JavaScript chart. Just as in the case of 3D Bar/Column Charts, you can adjust the angle and depth using the zAngle and zDepth methods.
Take a look at 3D Area Chart in the Gallery >>
Learn more about 3D Area Chart >>
String Tokens String Tokens
The String Tokens feature is an alternative to formatting text in labels and tooltips using formatting functions. Unlike functions, String Tokens are much more convenient in simple cases. They provide more flexibility in terms of settings serialization and are more familiar to the customers that have been using our Flash-based components.
Learn more about String Tokens >>
Migration Tool Migration Tool
Migration Tool is a small JavaScript library with an open source code, which is aimed to facilitate the transition from AnyChart 6 to AnyChart 7. Its main function is converting AnyChart 6 XML/JSON settings to AnyChart 7 settings. This library also contains special functions for partial conversion and creating custom converters.
Learn more about Migration Tool >>
Check out the Github repo >>
Performance Improvement Performance Improvement
In this release we have significantly improved performance: the number of points that can be displayed in less than a second has increased from 3000 to 10000. However, it is not the limit of AnyChart capabilities. Every release contains performance improvements, and we are not going to stop!
Take a look at the Benchmark Page >>

AnyMap 7.9.0 New Features

Longitude/Latitude support Longitude/Latitude support
We have added an option to set coordinates (specify a location) of Bubbles in Bubble JavaScript Charts in longitude and latitude degrees. New methods have been added to the API: the allow to convert mouse coordinates to longitude and latitude (transform) and vice versa (inverseTransform).
Take a look at the Bubble Gallery sample >>
Take a look at the Lat/Long API Gallery sample >>
Learn more about Longitude/Latitude support >>
Move/Zoom API Move/Zoom API
Now there is a possibility to change the scale and move a map. An API for creating a custom UI (buttons, scrolls, etc.) has been added.
Take a look at the Gallery sample >>
Learn more about Move/Zoom API >>
Rich Integration of Keyboard and Mouse Controls Rich Integration of Keyboard and Mouse Controls
Mouse integration: Mouse Wheel – Zoom a map; Mouse Drag – Move a map (works only when the map is zoomed); Keyboard integration: Cmd/Ctrl + – Zoom in; Cmd/Ctrl – – Zoom out; Cmd/Ctrl 0 – Actual size; Arrow up – Move up; Arrow down – Move down; Arrow left – Move left; Arrow right – Move right.
Take a look at the Gallery sample >>
Learn more about the Integration of Keyboard and Mouse Controls >>
Map Collection Improvement
We have added unique projections for more than 220 maps, which has significantly improved their appearance.

AnyGantt 7.9.0 New Features

Localization Support Localization Support
Our new Localization Engine localizes dates and numbers according to the settings of choice. All the functions available work both with the input data and displayed data. Our Localization Engine can be used in custom formatting functions of AnyChart as well as apart from AnyChart to localize your own UI elements. To simplify the integration process, we have prepared more than 180 localization files for various regions of the world.
Take a look at the Gallery sample >>
Learn more about Localization Support >>
Event Markers Event Markers
Even Markers is an excellent feature for displaying time intervals and important events on Gantt JavaScript Charts.
Take a look at the Gallery sample >>
Learn more about Event Markers >>
Timeline Markers (Multiple Milestones) Timeline Markers (Multiple Milestones)
Timeline Markers are aimed for displaying various events in processes – such as receiving a payment, specifying a task, meeting a customer, etc.
Take a look at the Gallery sample >>
Learn more about Timeline Markers >>

AnyStock 7.9.0 New Features

Technical Indicators Technical Indicators
In this release we are happy to introduce one of the most anticipated features – AnyStock JavaScript Charts Technical Indicators. The advantage of our Technical Indicators is the possibility to create custom indicators. Full customization of both visual and mathematical components is available. This release includes 5 predefined indicators: MACD, RSI, SMA, EMA, ROC.
Take a look at Technical Indicators in the Gallery >>
Learn more about Technical Indicators >>

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AnyGantt version history:
AnyStock version history:
Trial download:

7.7.0 Release October 1st, 2015 by Margaret Skomorokh

A lot of good things come in this grand package: AnyStock HTML5 release, 200+ Map Collection and Bubble Series for AnyMap, and new types of Tooltips along with the ability to multi-select points in AnyChart.

AnyStock 7.7.0 Features

AnyChart Stock and Financial Charts (AnyStock) is a JavaScript-based financial charting solution. AnyStock technology turns your real-time data into highly sophisticated interactive web charts. Designed to display date- and time-based information, AnyStock is an ideal tool for client reporting and performance reporting applications, bringing the analysis of your financial data to life.

Stock Data Engine
We are proud to introduce, a data layer designed specifically to meet Stock and Financial Charts needs. Beside basic features like data streaming, data mapping, and transaction-based data flow, provides the ability to search and select data by DateTime intervals, which allows to implement custom UI elements based on this data.
Learn more about Stock Data Engine >>
Take a look at the Gallery sample >>
Ultimate Performance
Good rendering performance is essential for Stock and Financial Charts, and AnyStock meets this requirement in full. Our performance tests show the ability to render 300,000 points in less than a second on an average PC. The data stream can append 10,000 data points in 100 milliseconds. You can test it yourself on the performance test page.
Take a look at the Speed Test page >>

This release of AnyStock includes basic chart and plot layout options and basic features (such as Scroller, Legend, and Value Highlighter), along with the Column, Line, and OHLC series types. If you are wondering where the technical indicators, other series types, event markers and drawings are, the answer is simple: in our roadmap! Check it out and see that we will catch up very fast. See the roadmap>>

AnyMap 7.7.0 New Features

Map Collection
Without geographical data, it is impossible to create a data visualization related to geographic areas. We are happy to introduce our new Map Collection. For the moment it contains 200+ country maps and one world map. We are planning to extend this collection, and, of course, the ability to create custom maps is available.
See Map Collection CDN Page >>
Take a look at the Map Collection in AnyChart Playground >>
Bubble/Proportion Maps
Bubble maps (also known as Proportion maps) are usually used to display or compare quantitative data related to geographic areas, be it election results, sales statistics per region, or earthquake magnitude.
Take a look at the Map Gallery sample >>
Learn more about Bubble/Proportion maps >>

Read more »

AnyChart 7.5.0 and AnyGantt 7.5.0 Released – new version of our HTML5 charts June 18th, 2015 by Margaret Skomorokh

Good news! Today we have two major releases of our HTML5 charts for our customers: AnyChart 7.5.0 and AnyGantt 7.5.0. In the new versions of our components, you will find the Funnel and Pyramid chart types, Dashbording Tools, the Printing and Animation options, and other significant improvements. Check them out:

AnyChart 7.5.0 New Features

Dashboarding Tools
The purpose of Dashboarding Tools is to provide simple and convenient instruments for building complex Dashboards. In the current release we present the first part of this set: the ability to highlight/hide series and points, using special methods.
See API Reference for more details >>
The new printing method allows you to make a full-page print of a chart or a dashboard. It supports eight paper size formats: US Letter, A0 – A6, and the portrait/landscape switch.
Read more about Printing >>
Most popular charts types – Line, Column, Bar, Area, and so on – are now animated. Animation supports duration settings and start&finish events.
Take a look at the Gallery samples >>
Funnel Charts
Funnel charts (also called accumulation charts) show percentage ratio. They are often used to represent different stages in sales process and show the amount of potential revenue for each stage.
Read more about Funnel Charts >>
Take a look at the Gallery samples >>
Pyramid Charts
Pyramid charts are used to visualize the hierarchical structure of topics, and progressively ordered quantitative data.
Read more about Pyramid Charts >>
Take a look at the Gallery samples >>

AnyGantt 7.5.0 New Features

The new printing method allows you to make a full-page print of your chart. It supports eight paper size formats: US Letter, A0 – A6, and the portrait/landscape switch.
Read more about Printing >>
Events allow to handle such user actions as rowClick, rowMouseOver, rowMouseMove, etc. with the .listen() and .listenOnce() methods. Using this methods, you can override default chart interactivity.
XML/JSON/CSV Data Support
The XML and JSON formats can be used for data and settings input; CSV can be used for data input. XML and JSON schemas are available.
Learn how you can work with data >>
Summary Tasks Auto-Calculation
The actualStart, actualEnd, and progressValue data fields of grouping tasks became optional. If they are missing, auto-calculation is done, based on tasks in the group.
Take a look at the Gallery sample >>

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