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JS Chart Libraries Get New Great Features in 8.3.0 Release of AnyChart, AnyStock, AnyMap and AnyGantt

July 10th, 2018 by AnyChart Team

JS Chart Libraries Get New Great Features in 8.3.0 Release of AnyChart, AnyStock, AnyMap and AnyGanttWe at AnyChart are proud to announce the 8.3.0 release of our JS chart libraries AnyChart, AnyStock, AnyGantt, and AnyMap! The present major update brings full support of HTML in tooltips, background settings for chart data bounds, coloring rules and thresholds, easy axis label positioning, new technical indicators, and even more.

New JS Chart Features in AnyChart 8.3.0

HTML Tooltips Support in AnyChart JS Charts 8.3.0
HTML Tooltips Support

Tooltip customization is way easier now! Full support of HTML is available in all of our JavaScript charting libraries: AnyChart, AnyMap, AnyGantt, and AnyStock. You can write your own HTML code and customize tooltip visualization using CSS classes. Read how to add an HTML tooltip, and check out a chart with HTML tooltips in the gallery.

Background Settings for Chart Data Bounds in AnyChart JS Charts 8.3.0
Background Settings for Chart Data Bounds

The background can be changed for the data area if needed — in basic JS charts (AnyChart) and JS maps (AnyMap). See the data area background documentation and a chart with background settings for chart data bounds.

Coloring Rules and Thresholds in AnyChart JS Charts 8.3.0
Coloring Rules and Thresholds

New ways to customize the coloring of series are added to basic and stock charts, i.e. AnyChart and AnyStock: negative/positive colors, rising/falling colors, and the ability to specify the Color Scale with thresholds for series. Read about automatic coloring in AnyChart Docs. Take a look at multiple chart examples using coloring rules and thresholds in our gallery.

Axis Label Positioning in AnyChart JS Charts 8.3.0
Axis Label Positioning

The positioning of axis labels inside data plots in basic charts (AnyChart) and stock charts (AnyStock) gets easier. Learn more about the axis label positioning in our documentation and check out a chart example with the axis label positioning in action.

Axis Markers in AnyChart JS Charts 8.3.0
Axis Markers

Axis Markers are now added to AnyStock: Text Marker, Line Marker, and Range Marker. See the Axes in AnyStock documentation to find out the details.

Hover State Configuration
Hover State Configuration

Hovered state configuration is now supported in stock and financial JS charts powered by our dedicated AnyStock library. Look at our stock chart example featuring markers on hover for illustration.

Plot Titles in AnyChart JS Charts 8.3.0
Plot Titles

Stock chart plots can have their own titles now. Read about chart plot titles in AnyStock in the documentation and check out the stock chart plot title demo in the gallery.

New Technical Indicators
New Technical Indicators

Seven new out-of-the-box technical indicators are now available in AnyStock JS library: TRIX, Keltner Channel, On Balance Volume (OBV), Awesome Oscillator (AO), Heikin Ashi, VolumeMA, and Price Channels. You’ll find the corresponding stock chart examples in the Technical Indicators gallery.

Gantt Editing API Improvements in AnyChart JS Charts 8.3.0
Gantt Editing API Improvements

Gantt charts editing API is thoroughly revised and improved. Here’s a Gantt chart example leveraging the updated API.

More Improvements

That’s not even all the awesome news of AnyChart JS Charts 8.3.0. As always, not only have we added a bunch of cool features to our HTML5-based data visualization libraries, but there are also multiple further important improvements and bug fixes.

Check out the version histories to find out what else is new:


Thanks for choosing AnyChart’s JS chart libraries — recognized the best in JavaScript technology this year! — to operate interactive data visualization in your web apps and other projects. Feel free to ping us with your feedback about the 8.3.0 release as well as with new charting feature suggestions — on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or by contacting our Support Team.

Enjoy AnyChart JS Charts 8.3.0!

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Andrey    10th Oct 18 1:55 am

Good job guys!

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AnyChart Team    11th Oct 18 9:37 am

Thank you! Enjoy!

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Richard Zhang    7th Sep 18 5:42 am

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AnyChart Team    10th Sep 18 12:55 pm

Free trial is fully functional, download from here:

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