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JavaScript Charting Library 8.8.0 Released with New Exciting Data Viz Features

May 22nd, 2020 by AnyChart Team

AnyChart JavaScript Charting Library 8.8.0 release bringing new exciting data viz featuresWe’ve just updated our JavaScript charting library with new exciting features and improvements! In the 8.8.0 release of AnyChart JS, the focus is put on enhancements for Gantt charts. They will be helpful in making your project and resource data visualizations even more insightful with ease. We’ve also upgraded basic and time-series charts as well as maps. Below is an overview of the new key arrivals. Be sure to check it out, download the updated builds, and enjoy!

New JavaScript Charting Library Features

Weekends, Holidays and Nonworking Time Coloring

Project and Resource Gantt charts now have the option to color holidays, weekends, and nonworking time. Use the anychart.core.ui.Timeline#weekendsFillanychart.core.ui.Timeline#holidaysFill and anychart.core.ui.Timeline#workingFill methods to set how the weekend, holiday and nonworking time defined by the anychart.core.gantt.Calendar#holidays and anychart.core.gantt.Calendar#schedule methods are shown.

Start/End Markers

In Project Gantt charts, now it is possible to display start and end markers for actual, baseline, and progress bars with the  startMarker() and endMarker() methods.

Milestones on Resource chart

In Resource Gantt charts, now you can show milestones. It allows you to visualize multiple milestones with individual tooltips in one line.

Zoom Using Mouse Wheel

We’ve also added the option to change how a Gantt chart behaves when the mouse wheel is used: zoom or scroll. Use zoomOnMouseWheel() to change it.

Text shadow effect

For most of the text elements in all charts (and maps), now you can tune text shadow using the textShadow() method. The shadow effect can be helpful in displaying text on some background colors or give your visualizations more of a wow effect.

Fiscal Year Shift

The start of the fiscal year in Gantt charts can now be set to any month of this or next year. This allows you to display the timeline properly in the world of financial or budget years.

Other Improvements

In addition, a list of improvements we’ve brought to our JS charts library includes the following:

  • Background corners settings in basic charts can now be set in percents or pixels.
  • Performance of sunburst chart labels is significantly enhanced, and now they can render more than 20,000 points.
  • Cambodia’s map already reflects the split of Kampong Cham into two provinces: Kampong Cham (west of the Mekong River) and Tbong Khmum (east of the Mekong River).

Plus, there are other enhancements and bug fixes. Check the version history of the product you are using to keep up with the latest changes:

Share Feedback

How did you like the new major release of our JavaScript charting library? What features and improvements would you like to see there next?

Send us your feedback and we will be glad to adjust the roadmap according to your needs.

Enjoy AnyChart JS Charts 8.8.0!

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