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AnyChart, AnyMap, and AnyGantt 7.6.0

August 13th, 2015 by Margaret Skomorokh

We are proud to announce 3 new releases – AnyChart 7.6.0, AnyMap 7.6.0, AnyGantt 7.6.0. Our team has been working hard to make our products even more aesthetically pleasing, and now all AnyChart charts have a new modern look and design (See the New Look and Theming feature). We have also added a number of other great improvements, and here are the most important of them:

AnyChart 7.6.0 New Features

All AnyChart products now support the Theming feature which makes customizing and integrating charts easier. With Theming, you can set similar visual and functional settings for all charts without duplicating your code.
Take a look at Gallery samples >>
Learn more about Theming >>
Crosshairs are thin vertical and horizontal lines centered on a data point, which are useful when you want to locate a point precisely on your chart or to analyse data by comparing different charts.
Take a look at a Gallery sample >>
Learn more about Crosshair >>
Pie/Donut Charts are popular, nice-looking, and very easy to understand, and now you can make them even more attractive by adding 3D!
Take a look at Gallery samples >>
Learn more about 3D Pie Chart >>

AnyMap 7.6.0 Features

  • Choropleth Maps provide an easy way to visualize how a measurement varies across a geographic area.
  • Ordinal Color Range looks like several boxes of different colors which depend on the palette chosen according to the type of a map and its data.
  • Quantitative Color Range is a bar colored with a gradient, its colors depend on the palette of a map and its data.
  • Full Compatibility with other Charts – when you need to show any extra information along with a map – no problem! Use AnyMap with any other charts.

AnyGantt 7.6.0 New Features

  • Now a double-click on borders of data grid columns resets their width to the default value.
  • Added the ability to draw the Baseline above the Actual, see API Reference for details.
  • AnyGantt now supports formatting for Data Grid Columns, see API Reference for details.

AnyChart version history:
AnyMap version history:
AnyGantt version history:
Trial download:

P.S. The set of ready-to-use maps is rather small for the moment, but we will add about a hundred maps in a week, and then the list will just keep growing.

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