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Creating Decomposition Tree in Qlik Sense

June 27th, 2023 by Alejandro Wassermann

Created Decomposition Tree in Qlik SenseHey Qlikkies, are you itching to explore your data ad-hoc across multiple dimensions and conduct root cause analysis like a boss? Look no further than the Decomposition Tree visualization! I first stumbled upon this gem in Power BI, but guess what? Now you can harness its power within the realms of the Qlik Analytics Platform. In this tutorial, I’ll demonstrate how you can easily create amazing decomposition trees for your BI dashboards and apps in Qlik Sense.

A decomposition tree is a type of chart that uses a tree-like structure to represent how a whole metric or outcome can be broken down into its constituent parts or factors. It provides a hierarchical view of the relationships between different dimensions or variables and their contributions to the overall metric. By visually displaying the decomposition of a measure, such as sales or revenue, into various components, such as product categories, regions, or time periods, the decomposition tree helps identify the key drivers and understand the underlying factors influencing the metric. And I’ll use the tech layoffs data to show you how this can look and work in reality.

Let’s dive in and unleash the decomposition tree power in Qlik Sense!

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