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How to Color Qlik Gantt Chart Powered by AnyGantt Extension for Qlik Sense

April 15th, 2020 by AnyChart Team

Coloring Qlik Gantt Chart TutorialWithin the framework of our series of tutorials explaining in detail different aspects of building a Gantt chart in Qlik Sense, we are glad to share a new quick visual manual. This one describes how to color a Project Gantt chart in the AnyGantt extension for Qlik Gantt charts.

Join us as in this tutorial we are going to make it completely clear how to color all main parts of Project Gantt charts: elements, chart area, table cells, table header, and timeline levels. In addition, you can see tutorials about labels, tooltips, and reference lines and ranges — they can also be colored. (Those about tooltips and reference lines and ranges are coming soon. Meanwhile, check out the AnyGantt extension’s documentation or ask our support engineers for assistance.)

For your convenience, this tutorial is available in two versions. Check it out as a video with a voice over or keep reading the alternative, text+pictures version.

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