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Data Visualization Weekly: Recent Popular Interesting Charts, Maps, and Infographics

March 3rd, 2017 by AnyChart Team

Recently Popular Interesting Charts, Maps and Infographics in Data Visualization WeeklyWe are back with another collection of interesting charts, maps and infographics being popular lately. As you probably noticed, our Data Visualization Weekly series took a short break. In fact, no new issue came out last week. But the reason is simple and (hopefully) excusable. In fact, we were working really hard to get things done with the exciting major 7.13.0 update that our JavaScript charting libraries has received earlier this week.

Now the source code of AnyChart, AnyMap, AnyStock and AnyGantt is open. Plugins for all popular JS frameworks are available. And all the new features from the 7.13.0 release work great. That means we can finally get back to you to showcase new data visualizations that people followed most on our TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn accounts over the last days. Moreover, the current issue of Data Visualization Weekly will cover the last two weeks instead of just one, to reimburse you for the delay. So, let’s take a look at the following great visual pieces now:

  • Most Popular Girl Scout Cookies;
  • History of Global Living Conditions in Interesting Charts;
  • Interactive Map of Popular Surfing Areas in France;
  • Most Popular Brands in Each Country;
  • PERT Chart of Airplane Design Process;
  • Revealing Age of Buildings in New York City.

DataViz of the Week: February 17, 2017 – March 3, 2017

Most Popular Girl Scout Cookies

DataViz Weekly: A Map of America's Favorite Girl Scout Cookies By State

What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Thin Mints? Lemonades? Or perhaps Tagalongs?

Well, here is a cool fact to start with: The first ever cookies were sold by Girl Scouts as long as 100 years ago! Influenster decided to join the celebration of this anniversary by conducting a poll with its members from all over the United States. And, finally, they succeeded to recognize the nation’s most favorite cookies in each state.

Check out this peculiar America’s Favorite Girl Scout Cookies by State map based infographic to learn about the outcome of that research.

History of Global Living Conditions in Interesting Charts

DataViz Weekly: Interesting charts of history of global living conditions

The living conditions has changed for the last 200 years. It is just a fact. But how dramatic is that change? See these impressive interactive charts by Mark Roser, a researcher at the Oxford University, to get a historical insight into this peculiar matter. They are shared on his publication Our World in Data – definitely worth noting and thinking about.

Interactive Map of Popular Surfing Areas in France

DataViz Weekly: Interactive Map of Most Popular Surfing Areas in France

If you ever decide to go surfing in France, you should make good use of this interactive bubble map to find the best place for that. By the way, it was created with AnyMap, our JavaScript library for visualization of geo-related data. Here you’ll find the most popular areas for surfing, with the biggest number of spots, and their brief descriptions (wind, waves, etc.).

Most Popular Brands in Each Country

DataViz Weekly: Most Valuable Brands By Country

This visualization created by Howmuch will help you easily find out what brands are most popular in one country or another in 2017. The size of each country on the map reflects the value of its biggest brand compared to the other brands displayed.

So, what brand is most valuable globally? Not Apple anymore. It’s Google that takes the top spot this year.

PERT Chart of Airplane Design Process

DataViz Weekly: Interactive PERT Chart of Airplane Design Process Scheduling and Project Management Planning

PERT charts are known to be great for complex project planning and scheduling. And here’s a great example. The chart on the picture above is a PERT chart based visualization of the airplane design process, and you’ll find its interactive version by following the link.

Built with our AnyGantt JavaScript library for project and resource management charts, it displays all necessary stages and acceptable paths so you can quickly find the quickest and most effective way to the goal. In the current variation, such a project takes (only?) 195 days.

Revealing Age of Buildings in New York City

DataViz Weekly: an interactive map of NYC buildings in the Atlas of ReUrbanism

Preservation Green Lab created The Atlas of ReUrbanism to shed light on the built environment in various cities of the U.S. This interactive map, built within the framework of that project, is focused on New York City and features a grid of 200-by-200 meters. Here you can find out how old building in NYC are and see the aggregate “character score” for one certain area or another.

That’s it for now, guys. We do hope you like these interesting charts and other data visualizations that we have just shared with you. See you next Friday to look back at another week in dataviz, which promises to be full of cool masterpieces as always.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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