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Recap of the Week – 11/29/2015

November 30th, 2015 by Margaret Skomorokh

This week we have shared on AnyChart Facebook Page and Twitter the following data visualizations:

  • GitHut is an attempt to visualize and explore the complexity of the universe of programming languages used across the repositories hosted on GitHub.
  • Analyzing 1.1 Billion NYC Taxi and Uber Trips – Check out these data visualizations and article: it is an open-source exploration of New York neighborhoods, nightlife, airport traffic, and more, through the lens of publicly available taxi and Uber data (1.1 trips).
  • No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project – See the interactive data visualization on the main page, showing the gap between the number of women and men in the workforce (and how it changed from 1995 to 2012).
  • Mapping how the United States generates its electricity – How does the United States generate its electricity? These cool maps will tell you everything.

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