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Recap of the Week – 11/22/2015

November 22nd, 2015 by Margaret Skomorokh

Here is some interesting stuff we’ve encountered this week and posted on AnyChart Facebook Page and Twitter:

  • Gasoline vs Electric – Who wins on lifetime global warming emissions? You’ll find the answer in this article (and map).
  • People-Powered Data Visualization – Through crowdsourcing and citizen science projects, the general public is making profound contributions to research. Can data visualization help make sense of this wealth of new information? Read the article by National Geographic.
  • height | weight | age – London 2012 Women Gold Medalists – This unusual interactive infographic demonstrates the vast variety in body size and shape amongst the elite female athletes (it is based on the data from the London Olympics 2012 website).
  • These beautiful animated wind maps let you explore the variety of wind patterns in the U.S. You can see both a live map with current data and a number of historical snapshots.

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