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Recap of the Week – 10/17/2015

October 17th, 2015 by Margaret Skomorokh

In this post you will find a quick recap of our Facebook posts and tweets on data visualization, JavaScript, and AnyStock JS charts, which we have shared with you this week:

  • AnyStock: Big Data Speed Test – a speed test demonstrating that AnyChart Stock and Financial Charts can render 250,000 data points in less than a second on average PC.
  • Gender Pay Gap – a simple and clear data visualization showing the gender pay gap in the United States. Look at it and try to spot the jobs where women are actually paid more than men.
  • NodeJS : A quick optimization advice.
  • 50 Smartest Companies 2015 – this interactive chart by MIT Technology Review​ looks quite informative. Massive solar panel factories. Fertility treatments. Friendly robots. Meet the companies reshaping the technology business.
  • London Bicycle Usage – an analysis of the frequency bicycles were used in London.

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