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Recap of the Week – 10/5/2015

October 5th, 2015 by Margaret Skomorokh

Good news! This week we have released AnyStock‬ 7.7.0, AnyMap‬ 7.7.0 (with 200+ Map Collection and Bubble Series), and ‪AnyChart‬ 7.7.0 (with new types of Tooltips and the ability to multi-select points). Read more in this blog.

And here are the news on data visualization we have posted on AnyChart Facebook Page and Twitter:

  • Time and Place – a successful attempt to find stories from personal data. See how mundane information about one’s movement and activity can be turned into something noteworthy.
  • City Layouts – extraordinary views of large capitals and small towns, created using satellite-based information.
  • Global threat interactive: What’s the world scared of? Obviously, it depends on the country…

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