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Recap of the Week – 9/4/2015

September 4th, 2015 by Margaret Skomorokh

This week we have posted the following news on data visualization and AnyChart:

  • A quick guide demonstrating how to save ‪AnyChart‬ 6 charts as images in Oracle‬ APEX.
  • This interactive map portraying Rennes Metropolis inhabitants is quite enjoyable to play around with. The visualization is based on 18 indicators including location of workplace, marital status, number of cars in the household, and so on. In addition, the initial data were cross-referenced, which makes the picture even more detailed!
  • These two colorful infographics will help you to find out what insect venoms are made of and which insect’s sting is the most painful. But don’t worry – summer is over 🙂
  • How Is Big Data Changing the World? – An article about Big Data in our everyday lives.
  • 13 Helpful Diagrams For People Who Only Care About Cheese – “Knowledge is power: the power to eat more cheese” – there is nothing more to add to this. Enjoy the diagrams!

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