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Recap of the Week – 8/29/2015

August 29th, 2015 by Margaret Skomorokh

This week we have posted on Facebook the following information on data visualization and AnyChart:

  • We have shared a tutorial explaining how to insert AnyChart JavaScript charts into WordPress posts.
  • Android Fragmentation Report – Fragmentation is both a strength and weakness of the Android ecosystem, a headache for developers that also provides the basis for Android’s global reach. This visualization demonstrates the scale of the problem.
  • Mapping Migration in the United States – In this interactive map by The Upshot, you can find detailed information on how often Americans migrate from their states of birth. (Each shape represents where the people living in a state were born. Within a state, larger shapes mean a group makes up a larger share of the population.)
  • How People Engage with Data Visualisations and Why It Matters – An article by Helen Kennedy, Professor of Digital Society at the University of Sheffield, explaining what is visualization literacy and what skills it requires.

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