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AnyGantt HTML5 Beta Version Available

December 17th, 2014 by Margaret Skomorokh

Today we present you a beta version of AnyGantt – now JavaScript (HTML5). Note that the new AnyGantt is much better integrated with AnyChart (and vice versa): all charts or their components can be combined and used together.

Though it is just a beta, all key features are already available:

Project Gantt Chart
Intended for showing progress of completion of a single task or a group of tasks, taking into consideration their planned time periods and actual ones.
Read more about the Project Gantt Chart >>
Take a look at a Gallery sample >>
Resource Gantt Chart
Intended for showing the resources you have and spreading these resources along the timeline (into periods).
Read more about the Resource Gantt Chart >>
Take a look at Gallery sample >>
Rich JavaScript API
All AnyGantt settings can be changed dynamically at any moment.
See JavaScript API >>

Data Grid as a Standalone Feature
In AnyChart 7.x versions, all visual elements can be used as standalone features, and Data Grid is not an exception.
Take a look at a Gallery sample >>

AnyGantt version history:
Trial download:

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