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AnyChart 6.0.12 Available

April 26th, 2013 by Timothy Loginov

Our current priority is developing AnyChart HTML5 engine and making our component even more compatible with different browsers and platforms. Today we have released AnyChart 6.0.12, where you will find new HTML5 features and other improvements:

New HTML5 features

  • Added 3D Plot.
  • Added CSV support.


  • Improved Stacked Bar and Area charts behavior with missing values.
  • Improved Stacked Bar charts behavior with zero and negative values.

Bug fixes

  • The Chart.remove() method now works correctly in IE9.

HTML5 bug fixes

  • Fixed incorrect positioning of labels on Pie charts.
  • The HTML5 engine now treats empty text nodes correctly.
  • The {%DataPlotYMin} and {%DataPlotYMax} tokens are now correctly calculated.
  • Legend icon custom settings no longer break rendering.
  • Empty data nodes in templates are now correctly treated.
  • Backgroundless charts size is now correctly calculated.
  • Solved Gauge Frame gradient issues.
  • Fixed outside labels positioning.

Here you can see AnyChart version history:
The new version is available for trial download:

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