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Signatrol Ltd Chooses AnyStock for spYdaq Online Data Logging Solution

December 12th, 2011 by Margaret Skomorokh

We are proud that our components are succesully used in a wide variety of industries. The success story we are presenting today is about Signatrol Ltd – a company that has been supplying data loggers since 1994. Their products are used in various areas: warehousing, transportation, food preparation, building management, environmental monitoring of offices, schools, museums.

Signatrol created a low cost wireless monitoring solution — spYdaq. It is a system comprising of a number of radio transmitting sensors that measure parameters (temperature, humidity, voltage, etc.) and send them securely by using a license free radio network to a central Basestation. The system has an ability to store information on the dedicated website. And to visualise the data, AnyChart Stock and Financial Charts component was chosen.

The challenge was:

  • To make an online visualization of data obtained from a number of different sensors over long periods of time.
  • To provide comfortable navigation through complex graphs.
  • To integrate graphs into PHP sourced pages, with data obtained from MySQL databases.

AnyStock was used because:

  • It allows for visualizing large sets of time-based data by creating fast and easy updatable charts.
  • AnyStock supports advanced interactivity and navigation options. Navigation through data is also facilitated by custom text labels and a smart legend.
  • Due to simple XML interface, AnyStock is compatible with different kinds of web technologies and database management systems, including PHP and MySQL.

You can enjoy the full success story here:

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Signatrol Ltd Chooses AnyStock for spYdaq Online Data Logging Solution >>

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