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IDS Chooses AnyChart for Its Reporting and Analysis Systems

November 21st, 2011 by Margaret Skomorokh

We are happy to publish a new success story, this time about AnyChart and Independent Data Services (IDS) – a company from the upstream oil and gas industry.

IDS, founded in 1995, is the world’s largest provider of web-based reporting and analysis services to the upstream oil and gas industry. IDS’ latest release — DataNet2 — makes full use of Web 2.0-compliant technologies and WITSML feeds to capture and deliver data via the web to unlimited users. The DataNet2 suite of products includes VisNet — a back-end query engine which extracts knowledge from every part of the DataNet2 system.

The challenge was:

  • To visualize the data returned by VisNet (KPI’s, benchmarks) and create configurable and interactive charts.
  • To ensure that all visualizations would be customizable, matching IDS’ high standards.
  • To implement a variety of charts.

AnyChart’s charting technology was used to generate visualizations for VisNet because:

  • The component allows for the creation of advanced and good-looking animated charts.
  • AnyChart is very flexible and provides a lot of features, which made it a good choice for IDS’ project.
  • The AnyChart library includes a wide range of charts which is constantly growing. Currently VisNet supports Bar, Column, Pie, Line, and Scatter graphs, but more will be added.

You can enjoy the success story here:

logo_ids IDS
IDS Chooses AnyChart for Its Reporting and Analysis Systems >>

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