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AnyStock 1.5.1 Available

October 30th, 2011 by Margaret Skomorokh

AnyStock 1.5.1 update is available for download at our site. It includes some significant changes:

Bug fixes

  • IMPORTANT: Formatting rules now enforce escaping comma when it is used as a decimal or thousand separator. In the previous version you could use something like that: {%Value}{decimalSeparator:,} although documentation states that comma should be escaped by back slash. Since 1.5.1 rules are strict, and only the following expression works correctly: {%Value}{decimalSeparator:,}.

    If you are upgrading from previous versions, you should check your configs and change them so that they followed the comma escaping rule.

  • Formatting in value highlighter now works correctly.
  • addEventMarker method now works correctly with localeBasedDate.
  • Scroller events are now fired in the correct order when unselected area is clicked.
  • Null values are now correctly treated as nulls (not zeros).
  • MFI indicator now reads the period parameter correctly.


  • onAnnotationRemove event now returns not only the ID of a removed annotation, but also this annotation as an object — a useful improvement for implementing an “Undo” feature.
  • Full compatibility with Flex 4.5 Mobile SDK — you can use AnyStock SWC in your iOs or Android Flex projects.
  • Range preset buttons behavior improved, particularly when you sync two different chart objects at one page.

Documentation updates

Version history:
Trial download:

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