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ISFB Chooses AnyChart for School Monitoring Solution

September 17th, 2011 by Margaret Skomorokh

We are glad to introduce a new success story – about AnyChart and Information Systems for Business (ISFB).

ISFB is a company that develops various information system based on thin client technology, using Drupal as a platform.

Particularly, ISFB created a system that allows monitoring of schools’ readiness for the academic year — the project was implemented for the Ministry of Education of the Komi Republic (Russian Federation). Such monitoring is held each year by a commission that evaluates whether schools match state standards, and in 2011 it was decided to make the results open to public at

The challenge was:

  • To plot interactive pie charts and stacked bars showing schools’ readiness in different aspects.
  • To create charts matching the design of the site and clear for the general public.
  • To make an easy updatable visualization so that new data about schools could be added on-the-fly.

AnyChart was chosen as a solution because:

  • The component supports a vide variety of charts types and different interactivity options.
  • Due to XML interface, it is easy to draw and update charts. XML data files can be created both manually and using server side scripts.
  • AnyChart is a designer friendly component: it allows easy chart configuration, and provides a convenient way of setting colors for any elements of charts.

You can enjoy the success story here:

logo_auditr IFSB
ISFB Chooses AnyChart for School Monitoring Solution >>

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