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Auditr Chooses AnyChart to Visualize Healthcare Data

June 15th, 2011 by Timothy Loginov

Today, we are glad to publish a new success story: Auditr have chosen AnyChart to visualize healthcare data.

Auditr ( is an online, totally web-based service designed specially for hospitals and healthcare organizations. It helps to provide assurance, get early warning of potential problems, and improve performance. With Auditr, users can collect data, report and discuss the results, develop and monitor action plans. Auditr is developed by Internet Learning Ltd, a company that previously built learning management systems used in the field of healthcare.

The challenge was to visualize time-based and statistical data for reports in the form of line, bar, meters and heatmap charts and to make the charts interactive so that an end-user could proceed to more detailed information by clicking a particular point of a chart.

AnyChart was chosen as a solution – the component allows creating a wide variety of fully configurable charts, and all data is easily set in XML format. Using AnyChart’s interactivity options, actions that should be performed when a user clicks a point on a chart were defined.

Enjoy the full story:

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Auditr Chooses AnyCart to Visualize Healthcare Data >>

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