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AnyChart GraphJam: Ninja Turtles 3D Pie Chart

June 9th, 2011 by Margaret Skomorokh

Charts make people not only understand numbers, but also laugh.

GraphJam is a website showing music and popular culture in funny charts and graphs created by users. These charts can be viewed as a form of modern Internet folklore – signed by nicknames, they are half anonymous, and most witty ones are often reposted by other users in blogs and social networks, which resembles the way folklore spreads.

The fact that charts can be used in such an unexpected and curious way truly inspires us. And it was difficult to stay aside, not trying to apply here AnyChart’s vast capabilities and make some especially interesting items posted at GraphJam even more expressive.

All our charts are fully configurable and nice-looking, so they show the best advantage of any information, including even jokes. One of the many types supported by AnyChart is a 3D Pie Chart, and this is our version of a GraphJam 3D Pie Chart:

To check out other examples of Pie and Donut Charts, visit our gallery.

We will be posting more charts from GraphJam created by AnyChart.

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