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UNAVCO Chooses AnyStock to Visualize Geodetic Data

May 12th, 2011 by Margaret Skomorokh

AnyChart Stock and Financial Charts is a powerful tool for visualizing any time-based data, not only financial one. For example, AnyStock can perfectly deal with the results of geoscience surveys, which include gathering and analyzing large amounts of data, both real-time and historical.

The success story we are publishing today is about UNAVCO – a non-profit consortium that is dedicated to geoscience research and education using geodesy. UNAVCO collects, stores and makes available to the research community terabytes of geodetic and related time-series data. Much of this data originates from the Plate Boundary Observatory which is a network of over 1,100 permanent GPS stations located in the western U.S., Alaska, Canada and Baja California. These stations measure the slow deformation of the earth’s crust to sub-centimeter accuracy.

The challenge was:

  • To plot real-time GPS positions generated by over 300 stations in the PBO network for display on our website.
  • To provide researchers time-series plots of hourly meteorological data, collected by station instruments, for the purpose of evaluating environmental factors influencing GPS signals.
  • To provide end users the ability of scaling and scrolling time-series plots on-the-fly.

AnyChart Stock and Financial Charts was chosen, being an instrument with full feature set for creating real-time streaming (new data is added without reloading plots). AnyStock also provides rich format, pan and zoom options for easy navigation, which allows working with long term and large data sets.

You can enjoy the success story here:

logo_unavco UNAVCO
UNAVCO Chooses AnyStock to Visualize Geodetic Data >>

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