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AnyStock 1.1.0 with Drawing Tools for Technical Analysis and Flex Version

April 27th, 2011 by Timothy Loginov

We are proud to release AnyStock 1.1.0 – a new version of Stock and Financial Charts component, where some significant features have been added:

Drawing tools and annotations
AnyStock 1.1.0 offers a complete set of shapes for technical analysis that can be added to the chart plot, both programmatically and via user interface. Already added objects are easy to move, change, and remove.

Available shapes include: line segments, rays, trend lines, vertical and horizontal lines, rectangles, ellipses, triangles, trend channels, Andrew’s pitchforks, Fibonacci fans, Fibonacci arcs, Fibonacci retracements, Fibonacci time-zones, buy/sell signals, and custom text labels to mark important points and trends discovered.

Check out the online demo of these tools: AnyChart Stock: Drawing Tools and Annotations Demo.

Flex Component
Flex developers have received the great opportunity to use AnyStock and build smart scrollable charts into their rich internet applications and trading solutions.

A huge performance improvement for mouse over the chart area has been made, as well as an improvement in range picker behavior: input values and input masks are now internally trimmed.

Besides that, a few bugs have been fixed and several minor features have been added, such as:

  • a wide range of options that are intended to control the display of missing points;
  • a new boolean attribute named adjust_margins that allows to add dynamic margins;
  • the possibility to use RangeArea, RangeSplineArea or RangeBar series types to visualize Bollinger Bands;
  • the possibility to configure event markers position.
  • Full list of fixes, features and improvements:

    You can take look at the product page:

    Or download the new version:

    Registered customers can obtain the latest build from the Customer Area.

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