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Flash Player Printing Bug Discovered

February 15th, 2011 by Margaret Skomorokh

During AnyGantt development, we have discovered a bug in the latest builds of Flash Player (existing since August 2010).

Here is a Flex example from the Adobe Help Resource Center:

That’s how everything looks like in the original:

And that’s what happens to it after printing:

A long and persistent debugging has led us to isolating and reproducing the bug. In the simplest view, everything comes down to the following pictures:

(an original)

(the same after printing)

The source code of the example can be downloaded from:

The cause of the problem is the following: if the text in the Visual Objects tree has a parent object with “scrollRect”, there will be problems when printing to a bitmap.

The bug appeared supposedly in the version of Adobe Flash Player, and it is also found in the current version (10.2).

We have submitted a bug report and now are waiting for the response:

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Putri    13th Jul 15 8:45 am

The plugins allow you to craete any chart that you find on a look at the sample application in APEX of Project Management, it includes a more milestones type report/chart which might fit you. The wizard in APEX doesn’t provide what you are looking for yet.

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