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AnyGantt: Advanced Gantt Editing Capabilities Now Available at a Reasonable Price

July 23rd, 2009 by Anton Baranchuk

SEATTLE, Washington, July 22 — AnyChart has introduced the new version of its comprehensive charting solution AnyGantt, enabling creation of interactive and informative Gantt charts supporting animation. The new version delivers a host of enhancements to cut costs and maximize visualization, including the ability to edit Gantt Charts on a client-side computer.

AnyGantt now allows a user to edit tasks, change the duration, and add progress updates. Along with a GUI-based interface, the software provides advanced Java Scripting data manipulation capabilities. The users can employ this new extended functionality to build complex web based project management systems, without wasting money on expensive BI tools.

AnyGantt can now convert any project plans generated by Microsoft Office Project (.mpp files) into AnyGantt XML format, enabling them to be edited online. This beneficial feature is unique to AnyGantt: one essential function for a program, one giant leap for charting.

AnyGantt at a Glance

AnyGantt is a browser and platform independent solution. AnyGantt’s flash component can be used with ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, simple HTML pages or PowerPoint Presentations. It facilitates and streamlines the production of advantageous Gantt charts, visualizing the progress and ensuring full control over the situation. The software gives its users the power to visually monitor a project and set priorities with minimal effort.

About AnyChart

Founded in 2003, AnyChart is a leading provider of data visualization solutions designed to bring business intelligence, automation, integration, and efficiency to business communication. AnyChart works closely with most of the Fortune 500 companies including companies such as Oracle, 3M, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, AT&T to name a few. For more information, please visit the company’s website at .

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