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AnyChart 4.2.0 with interactive maps is now available!

December 30th, 2007 by Alex Batsuev

We’re happy to inform that new AnyMap Extension with a number of great features (including Charts and Maps in a single interactive dashboard) is available now.

AnyMap includes a lot of incredible unique features:

  • Draw custom markers, bubbles, lines and connectors on the maps.
  • Draw any map shipped in the package with no additional charge or royalty – see the list of available maps .
  • Use any SHP file to create your custom map – contact us at for details.
  • Display any map in one of ten map projections.
  • Use geographical coordinates (longitude, latitude) to add custom points to the map.
  • Use thresholds to color a map automatically, according to the data from your database.
  • Add legend, labels and tooltips to a map.
  • Attach custom actions to any map region – to create interactive web applications.
  • Attach any custom data from your database to the map – for labels, tooltips, legend, coloring or actions.
  • Display any data in any language (using UTF-8 char sets).

Now you can easily visualize any geographically related data to solve any of the following tasks:

  • Create Drilldown Maps.
  • Create Geographical Related Interactive Dashboards.
  • Create RealEstate, Distributor, Franchise, Dealer, etc. locators.
  • Visualize statistical or reporting data easily.
  • Visualize marketing research reports.
  • Create Area Selectors for web-sites.

Also AnyChart product includes some improvements and new features:

  • Interactivity
    – Multiple Elements Select
    – Selectable/Hoverable Settings for Interactive Elements
    – Title, Subtitle and Footer Actions
    – updateView and updateChart tokens technique
  • Custom Controls with Fixed, Floating and Auto Layout
    – Multiple Custom Interactive Labels
    – Multiple Legends
  • Thresholds
    – Custom condition based thresholds
    – Automatic Thresholds
  • Exporting
    – Save As PDF
    – Save As Image now has export image size settings
    – External invoking of Save As and Printing functions
    – Autosaving a chart upon rendering
  • Axes
    – Axes Custom Labels
    – Axes Custom Lines (trends)
    – Axes Custom Ranges (zones)
    – New Axes Keywords
    – New Extra Axes Definition Format
  • Templates
    – ability to change series and data nodes attributes using template
  • No Data Message Configuration
  • External showLoading commands and text configuration
  • Massive AnyChart.js update
    – https issues fix
    – wmode parameter support

Please note that you can purchase AnyChart with AnyMap in bundle and save more than 25%.
Also our existing customers are welcome to contact us to get their personal discount coupon.

Useful links:

You can download AnyChart Flash Chart Component 4.2 with interactive maps here:

Also you can look at the samples in our gallery:

AnyChart Maps samples available here:

Order page:

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