AnyMap AnyMap is JavaScript(HTML5) based solution, to build interactive maps with data related to geographic area.

User's guide contains hundreds of searchable documents organised with a tree navigation. Articles cover all the main topics about AnyChart component features. Links to other tutorials, API, and Chart Gallery are provided when needed.
JavaScript API Reference lists all available properties and methods. Each method comes with samples you can run and inspect in the Playground.
AnyChart Playground is the sandbox to play with gallery, API, and documentation samples. See how JavaScript charts works, change settings, and learn useful tricks from AnyChart developers.
All chart types explained, illustrated, and grouped into different categories by purpose. Learn everything about charts supported in AnyChart JavaScript charting libraries, choose the right one for your data visualization.
Our Support Team answers frequently asked questions about data visualization with AnyChart JS Charts. Q&A articles contain JavaScript charting examples and code snippets.
Use AnyChart Map Collection at extra cost. Create custom maps can from any SHP map, you can learn how to do this in AnyChart custom map creation guide.