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  Stacked Step Area Chart


Stacked Step Area Chart (or Stacked StepLine Area Chart) is built with several StepLine Area Chart series placed on top of one another, i.e. stacked vertically. The height of each series is determined by the value in each data point.

Stacked Step Area Charts allow you to simultaneously follow the fluctuation of all variables one by one in addition to watching the change of the combined (total) value in the whole. A step-like look makes this chart type a good choice to emphasize the leaps in transition from one value to another and irregularity of changes.

A Stacked Step Area Chart should not be applied to visualize less than three series. At the same time, such a graph might lose clarity if it is used to display too many stacked series.

A Stacked Step Area Chart with only one series intrinsically is a regular StepLine Area Chart.

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