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  Percent Stacked Step Area Chart


Percent Stacked Step Area Chart (or Percent Stacked StepLine Area Chart) is represented by several StepLine Area Chart series that are stacked on top of one another. The minimum and maximum scale values on the Y-axis are 0% and 100% respectively.

The height of each series in Percent Stacked Step Area Charts is proportional to its quantitative contribution to the total of all values across the corresponding category.

A Percent Stacked Step Area Chart can be an effective way to watch the variation of each of several variables side by side and their percentage ratio over time. A step-like appearance makes this chart type a good choice when you need to emphasize the leaps in transition from one value to another or irregularity of changes.

The general rule for this type of graph is to use it for more than two series. However, the number of series represented in a Percent Stacked Step Area Chart should not be far larger than that in order to keep such a data visualization easy to read and analyze.

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