AnyGantt AnyGantt is an advanced JavaScript based solution for building complex and informative Gantt charts.

The very first version of AnyChart hit the shelves more than 10 years ago, check out what our products went through and see what's new in the most recent update.

Version History
AnyChart in Now Open | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt

AnyChart in Now Open

Reliability has always been our company's first priority. And you definitely know you can trust us, with our public roadmaps, consistent releases, and highly experienced Quality Assurance team. Today we are glad to tell you about another major step that we have just taken in this regard: AnyChart is now open! Basically, it means the following:
  • The Source code of our product is available for review and download on GitHub.
  • The public issues tracker is open to all who are ready to help us further improve our product.
  • Public Build scripts allow you to compile custom binaries with the chart types you need.
  • The open branches list demonstrates our development cycle and proves you can trust us.
Plugins | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt


Compatibility with popular frameworks and libraries for creating web applications and services has always been very important to us. That is why the current release features special plugins for popular solutions: Angular, React, Ember, Meteor, NodeJS, jQuery.
Sharing charts | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt


Now any chart can be shared on social networks with the help of the context menu. Properties specific to a particular social network can be set in the exports namespace.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
Resource Chart Interactivity | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt

Resource Chart Interactivity

We are glad to announce that now, starting from the current release, the Hover and Select interactivity settings are also available in our new Resource charts.
Resource Chart Events | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts  | AnyGantt

Resource Chart Events

Events are now available in new Resource charts. They will allow you to easily integrate a chart of this type with external UI elements and add custom interactivity.
Resource Chart Tooltips | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt

Resource Chart Tooltips

In this release, we have also added Tooltips to the new Resource chart. Now you can use this important feature to display additional information about each activity in a convenient, interactive way.
Connectors Customization features | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt

Connectors Customization features

Tuning the visual appearance of the Live Editing mode in Gantt charts is now more flexible with the new connector customization features.
AnyGantt Brand New Resource Chart | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts  | AnyGantt

Brand New Resource Chart (Beta)

We are doing our best to improve our products and this time we decided to take a fresh look at Gantt and Resource charts. We have studied how people manage projects and company resources, what they want to see, how they want to display things happening, and goals they want to achieve. As the result, we understood that we have to redesign Resource and Gantt Charts completely. In this release we present the beta version of new Resource Chart.
AnyGantt Calendar Support | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts  | AnyGantt

Calendar Support

One of the main features of the new Resource Chart is the ability to set the calendar for all resources or some of them. You can configure weekends, holidays, time of availability, beginning of a calendar year, and so on.
AnyGantt Smart Timeline | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt

Smart Timeline

New Resource Chart features the improved timeline that looks nice with any data. This new Smart Timeline will be made interactive and available in Gantt Charts in the next update.


  • DVF-2277 - Custom names can now be used when mapping hierarchical data.
  • DVF-2401 - All scrollbars can now be customized.
  • DVF-2380 - TimeLine Header behaviour is improved.
  • DVF-2399 - The ability to customize the cursor for collapse/expand buttons added.
  • DVF-2467 - Zoom and Scale API are greatly improved.
  • DVF-2487 - Labels placement improved.

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-2465 - Problems with incorrect exporting image of DataGrid fixed.
  • DVF-2276 - Gantt charts display on iPad problems fixed.
  • DVF-2486 - Disappearing scroller problem fixed.
  • DVF-2488 - Markers are now properly displayed in child elements.
  • DVF-2491 - Tooltips cutting off issues fixed.
  • DVF-2489 - Mousewheel scrolling problems fixed.
  • DVF-2492 - Warnings no longer appear in console when a click with the shift key happens.
  • DVF-2534 - All tooltip methods now work as expected.
  • DVF-2400 - Collapsed state can now be properly set to any element.


  • DVF-2119 - Legend width/height behavior improved.
  • DVF-2362 - Scatter Series behaviour made consistent with other series.
  • DVF-2261 - Credits behaviour improved.
  • DVF-2346 - appendTheme() method added for easier management of themes.
  • DVF-2079 - Beta version of the Data Adapter Module added for easier management of external files.
  • DVF-2307 - Export Server can now return images as base64 strings or as shareable links.

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-2352 - XML Schema validity problems fixed.
  • DVF-2360 - Various minor Export Server issues fixed.
  • DVF-2358 - Various minor Interactivity issues fixed.
  • DVF-2376 - Inconsistent zIndex behaviour fixed.
  • DVF-2338 - Various XML serialization/deserialization fixed.
  • DVF-2337 - Various JSON serialization/deserialization fixed.
  • DVF-2327 - toXML() deserialization method no longer adds unnecessary data into XML.
  • DVF-2351 - Problems with inheritance of PERT Chart settings fixed.
  • DVF-2344 - PERT Chart export CSV issues fixed.
AnyChart Pert Chart type | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt

Pert Chart

Pert Chart (Program evaluation and review technique) is added to AnyGantt Package. Pert Chart is a great decision-making tool designed to save time in achieving end-objectives. Flexible settings of common chart elements such as milestones (events) , tasks (activities) and critical path allow to integrate Pert Chart in a project management solution of any kind.

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-2170 - Solved compatibility issues between AnyChart UI and other AnyChart products.
  • DVF-2017 - Solved compatibility issues with old versions of ExtJS (3.4 and less).

New Features

  • DVF-2122 - Row Collapse/Expand Event Added to Datagrid.

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-1972 - Fixed bug with connectors removing in Live Edit mode.
  • DVF-1979 - Solved issues with PDF export function.
  • DVF-1982 - Fixed issues with Line, Range and Text Markers while scrolling.
  • DVF-1986 - Fixed bugs with Live Editing in iFrame case.
AnyGantt 7.9.0 Localization Support | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt

Localization Support

Our new Localization Engine localizes dates and numbers according to the settings of choice. All the functions available work both with the input data and displayed data. Our Localization Engine can be used in custom formatting functions of AnyChart as well as apart from AnyChart to localize your own UI elements. To simplify the integration process, we have prepared more than 180 localization files for various regions of the world.
AnyGantt 7.9.0 Event Markers | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt

Event Markers

Even Markers is an excellent feature for displaying time intervals and important events on a Gantt Chart.
AnyGantt 7.9.0 Timeline Markers (Multiple Milestones) | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt

Timeline Markers (Multiple Milestones)

Timeline Markers are aimed for displaying various events in processes - such as receiving a payment, specifying a task, meeting a customer, etc.


  • DVF-1808 - Improved default visual settings for Gantt Charts.
  • DVF-1809 - Added an option to delete connectors in the Live Edit mode.

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-1800 - Fixed a bug that caused the rowSelect event to retrigger on an already selected row.
  • DVF-1946 - Fixed a bug with incorrect pointIndex in an event object.
  • DVF-1947 - Fixed an error that prevented an event to be dispatched when a point was unselected.
  • DVF-1948 - Fixed issues with highlighting a period in the Live Edit mode.
  • DVF-1949 - Fixed a bug with scrolling a chart when it was displayed in an iframe.

New Features:

New Features:

  • DVF-1528 Now double click on Data Grid Column border resets column width to default value.
  • DVF-1532 Added ability to draw Task base line element above other Task elements, see API Reference for details.
  • DVF-1545 Added Data Grid row/column stroke settings and Time Line row/column stroke settings.
  • DVF-1546 AnyGantt now supports format feature for Data Grid Columns, see API Reference for details.

Bug Fixes:

  • DVF-1531 Solved issues with endless Data Grid and Time Line vertical lines.
  • DVF-1569 Fixed bug with credits position.
AnyGantt 7.5.0 Print Gantt Chart Feature | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt


Printing method allows you to make a full-page print of a Chart. It supports eight paper size formats: US Letter, A0 - A6 and the portrait/landscape switch.
AnyGantt 7.5.0 External Events | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt


Events allow to handle such user actions as "rowClick", "rowMouseOver", "rowMouseMove", etc using .listen() and .listenOnce() methods. You can override default chart interactivity, using these methods.
AnyGantt 7.5.0 XML/JSON/CSV Data Support | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt

XML/JSON/CSV Data Support

XML, JSON can be used data and settings input formats, and CSV for data input. XML and JSON schemas are available.
AnyGantt 7.5.0 Summary Tasks Auto-Calculation | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt

Summary Tasks Auto-Calculation

"actualStart", "actualEnd" and "progressValue" data fields of grouping tasks elements become optional. If they are missing, auto-calculation is done, based on the tasks in a group.
AnyGantt 7.4.0 Tooltip feature | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt

Tooltip feature for all Timeline Elements

Tooltips can be added to all timeline elements (such as resources, tasks, and periods). The appearance and format of Tooltips can be customized as always.
AnyGantt 7.4.0 Hover/Select Gantt Chart | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt

Possibility to Hover/Select Gantt Chart Rows

Gantt charts are now more interactive and responsive in use. You can adjust both the appearance of the selection and the special settings for the selected elements (such as resources, tasks, and periods).
AnyGantt 7.4.0 Gantt Chart Toolbar Panel | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt

Gantt Chart Toolbar Panel

Just a few lines of code now allow you to create an UI-panel that helps to Print, Export to pictures, Zoom In/Out, Expand or Collapse.
AnyGantt 7.4.0 Horizontal Scroll in DataGrid | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt

Horizontal Scroll in DataGrid

A DataGrid now can be horizontally scrolled. Have a look at this feature through the link below.
  • The Tooltips feature for Resource and Project Charts.
  • Data grid and timeline rows highlighting.
  • Improvements of scrollbar style.
AnyGantt 7.3.0 Project Gantt Chart | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt

Project Gantt Chart

Project Gantt Chart is intended for showing a progress of completion of a single task or a group of tasks, taking into consideration their planned time periods and actual ones.
AnyGantt 7.3.0 Resource Gantt Chart | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt

Resource Gantt Chart

Resources Gantt Chart is intended for showing the resources you have and spreading these resources along the timeline (into periods).
AnyGantt 7.3.0 Rich JavaScript API | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt

Rich JavaScript API

All AnyGantt settings can be changed dynamically at any moment. Create/Read/Update/Delete Data Manipulation, Zooming and Scrolling, Collapse and Expand Tasks.
AnyGantt 7.3.0 Data Grid | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt

Data Grid as a Standalone Feature

All visual elements of AnyChart 7.x version can be used as a standalone features and Data Grid is not an exception.
AnyGantt 7.3.0 Tree Data Model | Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts | AnyGantt

Tree Data Model Feature

Tree structure is quite useful way of implementing data which assume tree like hierarchy with parent/child division. Such structure visualize data nodes connections thus simplifies data adjusting and improve data organization.
  • Editing tasks, resources or periods properties using client-side User Interface.
  • Editing tasks, resources or periods properties using JavaScript.
  • Ability to select tasks, resources or periods.
  • Editing, selection event model.
  • Summary Tasks Auto-Recalculation.
  • Retrieving chart details in XML format.
  • Retrieving chart details in JavaScript format.
  • Milestones in Resource Projects.
  • Resources Grouping Feature.
  • Users Guide With Large Number of Samples.
  • MultiPage Printing Support.
  • TimeLine Scale Improvement Update.
  • Quarter Token in TimeLine Scale.
  • {%CompleteDate} Token Support.
  • Custom Default Resource Style Support.
  • Context Menu Localization.
  • Customizable Datagrid Columns Formatting.
  • Task Projects
  • Resource Projects.
  • Vertical/Horizontal Scrolls.
  • Splitted Tasks Support.