AnyChart - JS charts
Robust JavaScript/HTML5 Chart library for any project

AnyStock - JS stock charts
Super Fast Financial Visualization

AnyMap - HTML5 maps
Add interactive JavaScript map functionality

AnyGantt - JS Gantt charts
Powerful HTML5 Gantt charts

What's new in anychart?
AnyChart 7.12.0 Version Released! Full localization support, Meridians and Parallels Grid, Range Selector, and more.
AnyChart AnyStock AnyMap AnyGantt

AnyChart is a flexible JavaScript (HTML5) based charting solution which will fit any need for data visualization.

Why AnyChart?

Our simple answer for this main question: Anychart combines all major features you need.

Whether you are building a website, a corporate BI application, a presentation for your CEO or a solution for your customers, you will be impressed by the flexibility and customization opportunities our charting product has. No matter what server technology or database you are using, your customers will be able to enjoy charts and dashboards on any device – PCs, smartphones or tablets.

it’s super fast

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AnyChart Success Stories

Please take a look at selected case-studies, where individuals and companies from various industries share their experience and tell how they have succeeded in solving their development and business tasks using AnyChart products.

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ORACLE Oracle Chooses AnyChart Solution for Latest Release of Oracle Application Express Rockford Rockford Corp. Chooses AnyChart Solution for Industry’s First Online Woofer Modeling Application IDS IDS Chooses AnyChart for Its Reporting and Analysis Systems Meteomedia Meteomedia AG Chooses AnyChart To Visualize Weather Forecasts

10 000+ Happy Customers

More than ten thousand customers all over the world are happy with AnyChart
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