AnyChart Stock AnyChart Stock and Financial Charts is a JavaScript based financial web charting solution.

AnyStock Stock and Financial JS Charts

AnyChart Stock and Financial Charts (short name: AnyStock) is a JavaScript based financial charting solution. AnyStock technology turns your real time data into highly sophisticated charts with interactive capability, bringing visualization of your data to the Web. Designed to display date and time based information, AnyStock is the ideal tool for client reporting and performance reporting applications. Reports and Dashboards are visualized with scrolling, drill downs, panning and zoom functionality. AnyStock brings analysis of your FOREX, commodity and investment market data to life. The ability to review long term and large data sets can easily be handled with scroll, pan, and zoom controls.

AnyStock is fully integrates into AnyChart 7 Framework and shares most of its ideology, settings technique and ease of use - and you can use AnyStock along other charts including those we have in the JavaScript Basic Charts, JavaScript Gantt Charts and JavaScript Maps.

In a matter of weeks AnyStock will offer a wide variety of financial chart types and technical indicators including SMA, EMA, MACD, Bollinger Bands and PSAR, to name just a few. Ability to add news events (analyst opinions, insider trading, dividends, and key developments) which improve the ability to analyze information effectively will also be added soon.

Why AnyStock?

Rich JavaScript API
AnyChart Stock comes with a special JavaScript library built to make the use of the component in a Rich Internet Application easy and fast.
Real-Time Data Streaming and Data Manipulations
AnyChart Stock provides a full feature set for creating real-time streaming and data manipulation applications.
Drawing Tools for Technical Analysis
A complete list of drawing tools, giving end users an ability to add drawings to a chart such as Line segment, Ray, Trend line, Trend channel, Andrew's pitchfork, Fibonacci fan, Buy/Sell signals, and many others.
Coming soon: Show Significant Events Using Special Markers
One of the most exciting features of our component are Event Markers - a special type of chart markers that are created to provide best experience in showing such events on Financial charts as Key Developments, Dividends, Splits, etc.

Technical Indicators and Overlays

Accumulation Distribution Line
Adaptive Moving Average
Average True Range
Bollinger Bands
BBands %B
Commodity Channel Index
Chaikin Oscillator
Chaikin Money Flow
Chaikin Volatility
Directional Movement Index
Keltner Channels
Modified Moving Average
Money Flow Index
Moving Average Envelopes
On Balance Volume
Parabolic SAR
Price Channels
Stochastic Oscillator
Williams %R

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