AnyChart AnyChart is a flexible JavaScript (HTML5) based charting solution.

AnyChart JavaScript (HTML5) Solution - Performance Guaranteed!

Scalability, Performance, Individuality are just 3 of the key elements you'll find in our latest charting solution.

Whether it's a single website application, enterprise visualization solution, or part of your Company's product offering you need to know your charting engine will be there for you and your customers.

Large data sets and rendering performance have always been our strong suit. AnyChart JavaScript charting library is the definitive performance leader in the market today. Test us against any of our competitors and see how fast we are!

Not only did we build the fastest, most robust Flash solution, we've also built the fastest performing, source code available, HTML5 JS solution, available in the market today!

We currently provide charting solutions to thousands of companies in over 100 countries across all industries. Leaders trust us. With our extensive Partner Program our solution enhances the visualization for their clients with an out of the box solution to their specific needs.

Why AnyChart?

Works all around the world: on all devices and browsers - AnyСhart products works on Windows PCs, Apple Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android devices, our JavaScript charts work everywhere, including IE 6.
Easy to Use - AnyChart charts can be configured manually or automated using server side scripts.
Driven by the state of the art Java Script API - AnyChart JavaScript API offers you a variety of options, everything in AnyChart is customizable and can be changed (JS API, XML or JSON).
Compatible with virtually all scripting languages (ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, Perl, etc.) - Use any language you like to create data source and pass it to a JavaScript code on your page, or simply use an XML/CSV/JSON file from your server.
No installation - your server does not need to render any image, there is no need for any Active-X or servlet, all graphing happens on the client side. 99% of Internet-users use JavaScript enabled browsers.
Constantly growing number of supported chart types - Pie, Bar, Line, Candlestick, Area, Column, Spline, Dot/Marker, Scatter, Doughnut and we are adding new types regularly.

Wide variety of JavaScript Chart types

Column Chart
Line Chart
Step-Line Chart
Spline-Area Chart
Range-Column Chart
Range-Area Chart
Stacked Column Chart
Stacked Area Chart
Stacked Step-Line-Area Chart
100% Stacked Bar Chart
100% Stacked Spline-Area Chart
Dot/Marker Chart
Stock(OHLC) Chart
Scatter Chart
Doughnut Chart
Horizontal Gauge
Image Gauge
Thermometer Gauge
Bar Chart
Spline Chart
Area Chart
Step-Line-Area Chart
Range-Bar Chart
Range-Spline-Area Chart
Stacked Bar Chart
Stacked Spline-Area Chart
100% Stacked Column Chart
100% Stacked Area Chart
100% Stacked Step-Line-Area Chart
Bubble Chart
Candlestick Chart
Pie Chart
Circular Gauge
Vertical Gauge
Indicator Gauge
Tank Gauge
We're adding new chart type constantly. If you need any chart type that is not available in our set, please contact us and we'll add it.

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