AnyStock AnyStock and Financial Charts is a JavaScript based financial web charting solution.

The very first version of AnyChart hit the shelves more than 10 years ago, check out what our products went through and see what's new in the most recent update.

Version History

New Features:

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-3681 - Crosshair issues fixed.
Min/Max labels | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Min/Max labels

You have a unique opportunity to show the minimum and maximum values on the visible area of the chart. In this case, you realize at a glance what is happening on a particular part of the stock chart.
Additional Touch Support | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Additional Touch Support

We are glad to announce that touch support in AnyStock has been further extended! Now you can use the touchscreen to easily pinch stock charts (or any other timeline-based data visualizations) and scroll them in any direction.
New Technical Indicators | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

New Technical Indicators

A new bunch of technical indicators is now available in the AnyStock JS library for financial data visualization: Parabolic SAR (PSAR), Money Flow Index (MFI), Momentum, and Williams %R. See the roadmap of AnyStock to learn which ones are scheduled for release with the following major updates.
Negative Logarithmic Scale | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Negative Logarithmic Scale

In release 8.2.0, we've introduced the support of negative values on the logarithmic scale. This can be helpful in creating a clearer and more comprehensive visualization when working with large data sets.
Crosshair Multiple Labels | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Crosshair Multiple Labels

Now you can display several crosshair labels on additional axes of the chart. Hence, it is possible to add an extra axis (e.g. one with percentage values), enable this feature and get more insights at a time while exploring such an interactive data visualization.


  • X Scale Irregular intervals support
  • Ability to Select Data Range by Points Count

Bug fixes:

  • Disable plot issues
  • Missing points issues
  • Comparison mode issues
Event Markers | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Event Markers

Event Markers are now one of the most exciting features of the AnyStock library. It’s a special type of chart markers designed to provide the best experience in showing various events on financial charts: Key Developments, Dividends, Splits, Insider Transactions, Analyst Opinion Changes and so on. This information is very important for financial analysis and has to be properly visualized. That’s why we’ve equipped AnyStock with a very flexible and convenient set of tools for working with Event Markers.
Label Annotation | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Label Annotation

When it comes to analyzing stock data, the opportunity to add text annotations is often essential. Just like other types of annotations, a label annotation supports live editing and states, can be saved as JSON and provides a wide range of text settings.


  • Added additional metadata for Fibonacci Annotations labels formatters to separate date/time levels from value levels.
  • Improved memory allocation when running AnyChart in Node.js environment.
  • String Tokens now auto-detect the type of formatting (string, number or DateTime) by token arguments. In addition, formatting types can now be defined directly using the type argument.
  • Added additional meta for series in comparison mode.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed price indicator formatting issues.
  • Fixed issues with annotations toJson() method call.
  • Fixed issues with extra small and extra large values formatting.
  • Fixed issues with unicode symbols in String Tokens (desk case #3833, TS-415).
  • Fixed bug when Stock Chart xAxis labels failed to work with String Tokens (DVF-3396).
  • Fixed issues with inappropriate chart rendering into containers with flex layout in Firefox.
Modular System | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Modular System

Modular System is the core of AnyChart 8. It allows you to significantly reduce the size of the JavaScript running on your web page by connecting only those chart types and features that you actually use. The modular based AnyChart is perfectly compatible with popular bundling tools such as Webpack, Browserify, and so on. Use our JS Builder to easily generate a custom build.
Custom JavaScript Builds | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Custom JavaScript Builds

Custom JavaScript Builder is designed for assembling a JavaScript file that contains only the features and chart types you are really going to use. The AnyChart version 8.0.0 contains 30 modules and 16 themes. You can also build a file that contains your license key.
Node.js Server-side Rendering | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Node.js Server-side Rendering

Node.js server is a lightweight web server that provides API for generating vector graphics (PDF, SVG, or PS), bitmap images (PNG, JPG, or TIFF), PDF reports, and data in CSV and XLSX (Excel). It uses the JavaScript code as well as JSON and XML configurations as input data. The server is very easy to install and customize, you can run it on any major platform: Linux, Windows, and macOS. It is ideal for creating report systems that send charts via email or social network sharing tools.
No Data Label Feature | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

No Data Label Feature

No Data Label Feature is an API designed to notify the chart viewer that data is not available. Data can be missing due to its absence by default or if it has been removed by means of the Data Updating API, Exclude Data Point feature, or through the interactivity.
CSV/Excel Export Reworked | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

CSV/Excel Export Reworked

By popular demand, we’ve remastered the algorithm for preparing CSV/Excel data for charts. Now it takes into account the chart type specific features and allows you to use multiple data sets for different series.
Chart Export Settings | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Chart Export Settings

Now you can customize the export settings for each chart: links and descriptions for sharing on Facebook, image export options, and so on.
Context Menu Customization API | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Context Menu Customization API

We’ve significantly simplified the process of the context menu customization. Now each item of the context menu is assigned with an ID that can be called to access the corresponding fields and settings as well as to add custom ones. We’ve also added the option to localize the context menu.
General API Improvements | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

General API Improvements

We’ve substantially improved the AnyChart JS Charts API specifically for the 8th generation of our JavaScript charting libraries. Appearance settings, Grids settings, Data Mapping settings can now be made much easier. To facilitate and streamline the transition from AnyChart 7 to AnyChart 8, we’ve created the Migration Tool that will allow the majority of users to switch over to the new version in semi-automatic mode.
Crosshair | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock


Crosshair is an exploratory tool that allows you to uncover exact data values hidden behind the chart. It supports two display modes out of the box: float and sticky.
  • Learn more about Crosshair in the Documentation
Current Price Indicator | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Current Price Indicator

Current Price Indicator is an exploratory tool that allows you to uncover exact data values hidden behind the chart. It supports two display modes out of the box: float and sticky.


  • Chart scroller does not move during Data Streaming anymore (Github issue 11, TS-181)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issues with time conversion for some of DST regions (Case 3183, TS-160)
  • Fixed bug with redraw of a chart on chart range picker click in ASPX projects (TS-312)


  • Fixed issues with xScale/yScale setting in typescript based projects
  • Fixed rendering bugs in IE 6-8
  • Rework CSV export
Stacked Stock Chart | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Stacked Stock Chart

Stacking is generally not utilized in financial data visualization. However, financial charts are often used for purposes other than making sense of Forex, stock, commodity and other market data. For example, the Stock Chart is convenient for visualizing sales and web audience data over a long period of time, and that’s where the Stacked Stock Chart can work great as well.
Technical Indicators | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Technical Indicators

The current release features 5 new technical indicators. These include Accumulation Distribution Line (ADL), Commodity Channel Index (CCI), Chaikin Money Flow (CMF), Directional Movement Index (DMI) and Chaikin Oscillator (CHO). As a result, AnyStock now provides 21 technical indicators out of the box. In fact, our plans to implement various technical indicators in AnyStock are really far-reaching. See the roadmap of AnyStock to learn which ones are scheduled for release with the following major updates.
Marquee Select and Zoom tools | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Marquee Select and Zoom tools

Marquee Select and Zoom tools work great to facilitate the exploratory data analysis. They make the research of data visually represented on an interactive chart even more convenient and intuitive. What’s also important is that our Marquee Select and Zoom tools may be integrated with any custom UI by means of events:
Google Spreadsheets data loader | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Google Spreadsheets data loader

Google Spreadsheets is an excellent popular data source. And now our Data Adapter is equipped with the capabilities to load data from there. Feel free to make good use of the Google Spreadsheets data loader, and please note: data may be taken from publicly shared documents only.

Bug fixes:

  • TS-32, TS-49 Fixed issues with import in Aurelia and Angular 2 frameworks
  • TS-77 Fixed error with rendering rotated text in IE8

Deprecated API drop

Method Use instead
saveAsPNG saveAsPng
saveAsJPG saveAsJpg
saveAsSVG saveAsSvg
toSVG toSvg
Angular 2 plugin | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Angular 2 plugin

We are happy to announce the release of the AngularJS v2.x directives for AnyChart.

TypeScript support

Now you can use AnyChart in your TypeScript projects - we have definition file for our library which you can find in distribution folder.


  • Added ability to set color palette for chart scroller series.
  • Added ability to get current chart plots count.

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-2258 - Tooltips are drawing in the same stage as a chart.
  • DVF-2334 - Fixed issues with the Stock Chart coloring.
  • DVF-2557 - Fixed bug with unselecting annotation.
  • DVF-2588 - Fixed Issues with ROC and MCAD indicators drawing algorithm.
  • TS-19 - Fixed issues with AnyChart Fonts.
AnyChart in Now Open | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

AnyChart in Now Open

Reliability has always been our company's first priority. And you definitely know you can trust us, with our public roadmaps, consistent releases, and highly experienced Quality Assurance team. Today we are glad to tell you about another major step that we have just taken in this regard: AnyChart is now open! Basically, it means the following:
  • The Source code of our product is available for review and download on GitHub.
  • The public issues tracker is open to all who are ready to help us further improve our product.
  • Public Build scripts allow you to compile custom binaries with the chart types you need.
  • The open branches list demonstrates our development cycle and proves you can trust us.
Plugins | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock


Compatibility with popular frameworks and libraries for creating web applications and services has always been very important to us. That is why the current release features special plugins for popular solutions. Angular, React, Ember, Meteor, NodeJS, jQuery.
Sharing charts | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock


Now any chart can be shared on social networks with the help of the context menu. Properties specific to a particular social network can be set in the exports namespace.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
Step/Stick/Jump-line Charts | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Step/Stick/Jump line Charts

The Step Line Forward and Step Line Backward modifications of the Step chart are now available with the help of the stepDirection() method. We have also added the Jump Line Chart and the Stick Chart that can be added using the jumpLine() and stick() methods.
Custom Series Drawing | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Custom Series Drawing

Now you can use the new rendering() method to put any creative idea into action and create custom charts like Frog Chart, Cherry Chart, or Column Chart with Rounded Edges.
AnyStock Technical Indicators | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Technical Indicators

The current release features several new technical indicators: Adaptive Moving Average (AMA), Modified Moving Average (MMA), Average True Range (ATR), KDJ, Bollinger Bands, Bollinger Bands %B, Bollinger Bands Width, and Stochastic Oscillator (Fast/Slow/Full). See the roadmap of AnyStock to learn which indicators are scheduled for release.
AnyStock Points Individual Settings feature | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Points Individual Settings feature

Sometimes applying individual settings to a particular data point can be very useful. Although that might not be habitual for stock charts, we decided to provide you with this great customization opportunity in AnyStock. Use the allowPointsSettings parameter in the anychart.stock() constructor to enable this option.
Legend features | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock


In this release, we are glad to present several major legend features.
  • The itemsLayout() now supports new options that will allow you to improve the legend’s visual appearance when multiple series are presented on a chart.
  • The legend can now be placed inside data bounds (the positionMode() method) to facilitate a more efficient use of space on a chart.
  • The drag() method is a pleasant addition to the preceding two features. It will allow you to easily change the chart legend’s position by simply dragging it throughout a chart.

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-2258 - Tooltips are now drawn by default within the same stage with chart.
  • DVF-2334 - Stock coloring issue fixed.
  • DVF-2557 - Issue with unselecting annotation fixed.
  • DVF-2588 - Issues with ROC and MCAD indicators fixed.
  • SUP-706 Issue with legend marker in Column chart fixed.
  • SUP-711 Issue with memory leak in StockChart fixed.
  • DVF-1397 Fixed issue with title positioning.
  • DVF-1829 Legend item issues fixed.
  • DVF-2274 Legend sizing issue fixed.
  • DVF-1449 Fixed issues with shared legend.
  • DVF-2606 Legend item issue fixed.
  • DVF-2318 Issues with series unhovering fixed.
  • DVF-1746 Various minor legend issues fixed.
  • DVF-2619 Downloading logo.png issues fixed.
  • DVF-2637 Default timezone settings fixed.
AnyStock Localization Support | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Localization Support

One of the main news of this release: support of localization using locale settings files and special formatting functions. You can switch between 196 different regional settings, and all date/time chart elements update themselves.
AnyStock Range Selection UI | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Range Selection UI

Controlling data grouping and time interval is paramount when it comes to financial data and stock charts. We are happy to present a set of UI elements that help you to add range selection functionality to your applications.


  • DVF-2533 - Standalone legend behaviour improved.

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-2184 - Problem with the incorrect display of a legend on small charts fixed.


  • DVF-2119 - Legend width/height behavior improved.
  • DVF-2362 - Scatter Series behaviour made consistent with other series.
  • DVF-2261 - Credits behaviour improved.
  • DVF-2346 - appendTheme() method added for easier management of themes.
  • DVF-2079 - Beta version of the Data Adapter Module added for easier management of external files.
  • DVF-2307 - Export Server can now return images as base64 strings or as shareable links.
  • DVF-23367 - Overall Performance improved, especially in Firefox.

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-2352 - XML Schema validity problems fixed.
  • DVF-2360 - Various minor Export Server issues fixed.
  • DVF-2358 - Various minor Interactivity issues fixed.
  • DVF-2376 - Inconsistent zIndex behaviour fixed.
  • DVF-2338 - Various XML serialization/deserialization fixed.
  • DVF-2337 - Various JSON serialization/deserialization fixed.
  • DVF-2327 - toXML() deserialization method no longer adds unnecessary data into XML.
  • DVF-1865 - remove() method problems fixed.
AnyStock Stock Overlay Drawing Instruments | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Stock Overlay Drawing Instruments

Stock Overlay Drawing Instruments is a complete set of drawing tools that allows end users to add drawings to charts. It includes such tools as Line segment, Ray, Trend Line, Vertical Line, Horizontal Line, Rectangle, Ellipse, Triangle, Trend channel, Andrew's pitchfork, Fibonacci fan, Fibonacci arc, Fibonacci retracement, Fibonacci Time Zones, Buy/Sell Signals, and more – all of them being fully configurable and easily manageable.
AnyStock Y Scale Mode: Changes/PercentChanges | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Y Scale Mode: Changes/PercentChanges

AnyStock now supports a very important feature for showing stocks-related information – the Y-Scale "Comparison Mode", which allows comparing changes in series values. Both values and percent changes can be shown, and a custom date can be set as the comparison base.
AnyStock Data Points Markers | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Data Points Markers

The Data Point Markers feature now works for all Stock series.

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-2226 - Fixed tooltip in stock showing the last point instead of missing in some conditions.
  • DVF-2238 - Series names enums are now available in anychart.enums namespace.

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-1988 - Fixed bug with first/last data point.
  • DVF-2017 - Solved compatibility issues with old versions of ExtJS (3.4and less).
  • DVF-2167 - Fixed bug with Stock Charts and single point.
  • DVF-2170 - Solved compatibility issues between AnyChart UI and otherAnyChart products.
  • DVF-2182 - Fixed issues with EMA/SMA technical indicators.
  • DVF-2183 - Solved issues with mapAs method called on empty data table.
AnyStock 7.10.0 Data Grouping settings | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Data Grouping

Two new important settings for data grouping are now available: setting maximum number of visible points (maxVisiblePoints method) and minimum number of pixels per point (minPixPerPoint method). We have also made it possible to tune data grouping levels.
AnyStock Legend Interactivity | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Legend Interactivity

AnyStock Legend can now be used to show/hide series in Stock Plots and properly handle the mouseClick event. It can be customized using preventDefault method.

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-1979 - Solved issues with PDF export function.
  • DVF-2005 - Solved issues with Legend Items coloring in Line Series.
AnyStock 7.9.0 Technical Indicators | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Technical Indicators

In this release we are happy to introduce one of the most anticipated features - Technical Indicators. The advantage of our Technical Indicators is the possibility to create custom indicators. Full customization of both visual and mathematical components is available. This release includes 5 predefined indicators: MACD, RSI, SMA, EMA, ROC.

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-1828 - Fixed an issue that caused incorrect recalculation of chart size when adding extra axes.
  • DVF-1833 - Fixed errors in displaying credits.
  • DVF-1842 - Fixed an error occurring when trying to switch the legend off.


AnyStock 7.7.0 Stock Data Engine | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Stock Data Engine is a data layer designed specifically to meet Stock and Financial Charts needs. Especially good for data streaming, data mapping, and transaction-based data flow.
AnyStock 7.7.0 Stock Data Engine | Super Fast Financial Visualization | AnyStock

Ultimate Performance

Speed is essential for Stock and Financial Charts, our performance tests show the ability to render 250000 points in less than a second on an average PC. Data stream can append 10000 data points in 100 milliseconds. You can test it yourself on the performance test page.

New Features:

New Features:


  • (STK-1858) Full support for scientific number format in CSV.
  • (STK-1955) Single point data sets display is improved.

Bug fixes:

  • (STK-1963) NaN labels no longer show up when extra axes with no series bound are used.
  • (STK-1958) Preset buttons are now updated properly when StockMain.selectRange() method is used.
  • (STK-1961) Y Axis scale minor calculation issues are fixed.
  • (STK-1966) Point order on multiple append is now treated correctly.

Note: All Fibonacci annotations have new defaults now and are displayed in a new, different and better way. All Fibonacci annotations has level labels enabled by default. Fibonacci Fan now has not only price levels, but also time levels and grid. If you use Fibonacci annotations and upgrade to 1.7.0 - they will look different in your charts and you can revert to an old view only by specifying additional settings in config files.

Note: <export> node is deprecated and replaced by <export_settings> node, it is strongly recommended to review your config files and do necessary changes. In JSON configs this replacement means: export turns into exportSettings. These changes are made to avoid problems with chart objectModel in Internet Explorer.

New Features:


  • (STK-1905) <export> node is deprecated due to the problems it gave when trying to obtain objectModel in Internet Explorer, please use<export_settings> instead.
  • (STK-1908) Log axis minimum auto calculation is improved.

Bug fixes:

  • (STK-1902) Scroller thumbnail series no longer displays missing values at the end of data set as zeros.
  • (STK-1906) Separated tooltip pin no longer breaks when zero length range is selected.
  • (STK-1938) Event markers binding to a series fields now works properly and allows multiple groups binding.
  • (STK-1913) Flex version no longer throws errors that occasionally presented themselves when working with the component.
  • (STK-1915) Fibonacci Arcs geometry issues are fixed.
  • (STK-1922) Flex iOs mouse over problems are fixed.
  • (STK-1900) enabled attribute of <line> subnode of major and minor grids in axes now works properly.

Bug fixes:

Bug fixes:

  • (STK-1867) Dashed line annotation slow rendering bug has been fixed.
  • (STK-1885) The fieldType property in the object model is no longer ignored after calling the applySettingsChanges method.

New features:

  • (STK-1872) The ability to specify Z-Index for series to define custom display order for regular series and technical indicators series. Read more about this feature at Series common settings: Z-Index.
  • (STK-1869) The ability to pin a certain value on a value scale to ensure its visibility. For more information, please see: Y-Axes Settings: Pinned Value.

Bug fixes:

  • (STK-1864) Incorrect formatting strings in objectModel fixed.


  • (STK-1627) onAnnotationRemove event now returns not only id of removed annotation, but also this annotation as an object - useful improvement for implementing "Undo" feature.
  • (STK-1849) Full compatibility with Flex 4.5 Mobile SDK - you can use AnyStock SWC in your iOs or Android Flex projects.
  • (STK-1852) Range preset buttons behavior improved, particularly when you sync two different chart objects on one page.

Bug fixes:

  • (STK-1853) IMPORTANT: Formatting rules now enforce escaping of coma, when it is used as decimal or thousand separator: in previous version you could use something like that: "{%Value}{decimalSeparator:,}" although documentation states that coma should be escaped by back slash. Since 1.5.1 rules are strict and only the following work correctly: "{%Value}{decimalSeparator:\,}"

    If you are upgrading from previous versions you should check your config and change them so they follow coma escaping rule.
  • (STK-1857) Value highlighter value formatting now works correctly.
  • (STK-1850) addEventMarker method now works correctly with localeBasedDate.
  • (STK-1847) Scroller events are now fired in the correct order, when unselected area is clicked.
  • (STK-1848) Null values are treated correctly as nulls now, not zeros.
  • (STK-1862) MFI indicator now reads period correctly.

Documentation updates:

New features:

  • (STK-1837) Ability to set different left and right timescale margins in pixels. Read more at: Timescale Right and left paddings.
  • (STK-1843) New parameter in applySettingsChanges() method: preserveSelectedRange, which allows to preserve selected range when chart settings are modified.

Bug fixes:

  • (STK-1836) Bug fix: version 1.4.0 of the component has the bug, which lead to incorrect placement of event markers - this bug has been fixed.

Documentation updates:

New features:

New features:

Bug fixes:

  • (STK-1814) Grouping of data provider fields with "High" and "Low" approximation types was incorrect. This problem has been fixed, it is strongly recommended to update.
  • (STK-1822) Volume+MA indicator worked improperly with ma_period attribute. This error has been fixed.

New features:

Bug fixes:

  • (STK-1484) SWC library shown wrong info in VERSION constant. This bug is fixed.
  • (STK-1728) In version 1.1.1 wrong timestamps settings in data sets or data provider lead to "Initializing..." instead of correct error description. This bug is fixed, the correct description is shown now.

Demos and Help Materials Updates:

New features:

Bug fixes:

  • (STK-1656) When allow_edit attribute forbids annotations editing highlighting of points beneath the annotations didn't work as expected. This bug is fixed.
  • (STK-1657) Using applySettingsChanges() method made annotations invisible and new annotation couldn't be added. This bug is fixed.

Demos and Help Materials Updates:

New features:

  • (STK-1554) AnyStock Flex Component.
  • (STK-1479) Drawing tools, giving end users an ability to add drawings to a chart such as Line segment, Ray, Line, Vertical Line, Horizontal Line, Rectangle, Ellipse, Triangle, Trend channel, Andrew's pitchfork, Fibonacci fan, Fibonacci arc, Fibonacci retracement, Fibonacci time-zones, Buy/Sell signals, Custom text labels and so on.
  • (STK-1520) A wide range of options that are intended to control display of missing points is now available.
  • (STK-1511) An ability to use RangeArea, RangeSplineArea or RangeBar series types to visualize BBands.
  • (STK-1482) A new boolean attribute named adjust_margins to add a dynamic margins so the first and the last value of the Bar, RangeBar, OHLC or Candlestick series are displayed correctly.
  • (STK-1472) An ability to configure event markers position - possibility to bind event marker position to a field of series data provider.


  • (STK-1505) Huge performance improvement for mouse over the chart area.
  • (STK-1517) An improvement in range picker behavior: input values and input masks are internally trimmed.
  • (STK-1584) An improvement in the loading of external csv files. Now all the files are loaded faster with a help of asynchronous loading.

Bug fixes:

  • (STK-1524) Stock chart sometimes skipped points in process of parsing of CSV files bug fix.
  • (STK-1488) A bug with incorrect handling of negative values in Y scales "PercentChanges" calculation fix.
  • (STK-1536) Interactive elements redraw and focus update after data or event markers commits bug fix.
  • (STK-1551) Chart maximum incorrect calculation - bug fix.
  • (STK-1549) External JavaScript method removeEventMarkerGroup() improper work bug fix.
  • (STK-1496) External JavaScript method applySettingsChanges() was not able to switch data grouping on or off - bug fix.
  • (STK-1555) Sometimes component crashes, when case data set contains missing points in the last row is - bug fix.

Demos and Help Materials Updates:

  • (STK-1542) Default template with all the settings that are used in inheritance process is available in the documentation.
  • (STK-1547) Online-Demo: Anychart Technical Analysis Portal is available for download with full source code.
  • (STK-1648) An Internet Explorer 6 related bug with incorrect chart size calculation in Anychart Technical Analysis Portal is fixed.