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Here you can download everything you need to test our software products. All downloads are fully functional and don't have time limitation, allowing you to take your time and evaluate AnyChart software products in full.
Version: 8.12.1

Installation Package

Downloadable Installation Package contains everything you need to start evaluating AnyChart. It is a zip archive that contains the following:
  • All Binary JavaScript files
  • CSS files used in UI elements
  • Themes
  • XML/JSON Schemas
  • AnyChart Font
  • Typescript definition file
  • 196 localization files
  • Geo Map Collection
  • Offline documentation
Note: evaluation package contains all modules and features, some of them are provided for free, some are licensed. See Buy page or email us to learn more.

AnyChart CDN

AnyChart Content Distribution Network (CDN) is a large distributed system of servers deployed in multiple data centers across the Internet, it is a comfortable way to use our JavaScript components: it helps to reduce the amount of your server's bandwidth usage (thus cutting costs) and makes it easier to keep the scripts up-to-date.

When possible AnyChart CDN compresses the files to speed up page loading, it also lessens the time of getting the access to the files because of sending requests to the nearest server.

A lot of browsers might refuse to download more than four files from the same website at once – using CDN helps to overcome this limitation too.

And one of the most important features is the chance of getting a cache-hit, because a lot of users around the world might have already used AnyChart - JavaScript charting library!

Base files

See all files available at AnyChart CDN.

Package Managers

GitHub logo

Installing via Github

git clone git@github.com:AnyChart/AnyChart.git
NPM logo

Installing via npm

npm install anychart
Bower logo

Installing via Bower

bower install anychart
Yarn logo

Installing via Yarn

yarn add anychart

Build Custom JavaScript Binaries

AnyChart offers a way to create custom JavaScript binaries containing only the part you need and leaving out the parts you are not going to use. Choose and check modules you want to include in the build, and press a green "Build" button at the bottom to building a custom JavaScript binary.

Chart Types

Chart types modules.
Bullet charts module.
Calendar charts module.
Basic cartesian charts (Bar, Line, Column, etc.) module.
Basic 3D cartesian charts module.
Circle Packing charts module.
Circular gauges module.
Gantt and gantt resource charts module.
Graph charts module.
Heatmap chart module.
Linear gauges module.
Geo Maps chart module. Does not contain map geo data, only engine.
Mekko charts module.
Pareto chart module.
PERT chart module.
Pie and donut charts module.
Polar charts module.
Pyramid and funnel charts module.
Radar charts module.
Resource chart module.
Sankey charts module.
Scatter cartesian charts module.
Sparkline charts module.
Stock charts module.
Sunburst charts module.
Surface charts module.
Tag cloud (word Cloud) chart module.
Timeline chart module.
Treemap charts module.
Venn diagram module.
Waterfall charts module.
Wordtree charts module.


Additional modules that are responsible for various functionality of the library.
Drawings and annotations module.
AnyChart data adapter module.
Export to CSV, Excel, PNG, JPG and PDF module.
AnyChart table UI element.
Context menu, range picker, range selector and preloader module.
UI Binding module is a set of utilities to bind HTML5 UI elements to chart settings.
Module that enables VML support for old browsers.


To simplify visual adjustment of charts AnyChart provides "AnyChart Themes". Chart theme is a named preset for chart settings. See Themes article to learn more.
Coffee Theme. Dimmed brown and brownish colors.
Dark Blue Theme. Dimmed blue and blueish colors.
Dark Earth Theme. Dimmed green and orange colors.
Dark Glamour Theme. Dark backgrounds and vibrant pink and magenta.
Dark Provence Theme. Dark backgrounds and soft colors.
Dark Turquoise Theme. Dark backgrounds and and soft turquoise colors.
Light Blue Theme.
Light Earth Theme. Dimmed light blue and blueish colors.
Light Glamour Theme. Light backgrounds and vibrant pink and magenta.
Light Provence Theme. Light backgrounds and soft colors.
Light Turquoise Theme. Light backgrounds and and soft turquoise colors.
Monochrome Theme. Light background and grayish colors.
Morning Theme. Light background and vivid colors.
Pastel Theme. Light background and pastel colors.
Sea Theme. Light background and thalassian palette.
Wines Theme. Dark background and lively colors.

Build settings

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