AnyChart AnyChart is a flexible JavaScript (HTML5) based charting solution.

    Solid Gauge

Gauge Charts suit measuring anything which can be represented as a part of a radial scale and if its result can be shown on a radial scale. For example, a speedometer is one of the most popular circular gauges. Though, there are a lot of other ways of using this type of gauge.

This Chart shows the progress of some medicine of the ACME Corporation manufacturing, as can be clearly seen from its title. The gauge stroke is invisible; there are 5 bars created, each represents a piece of medicine. Each bar is 270 degrees; the rest quarter of a circle is occupied by labels of these bars. The labels contain the medicine name and the percent of readiness. All these bars are colored in light grey, as they represent the whole process of producing medicine. Each of those grey bars holds another bar inside – these bars show the progress of manufacturing. These are differently colored.