AnyChart AnyChart is a flexible JavaScript (HTML5) based charting solution.

    Box and Whisker Chart

Box Chart can be easily recognized among other charts as its series points absolutely suit the name by looking like boxes. Box Charts can have Whiskers – lines that mark the endings of the lines coming out of those boxes, showing the difference between the minimum value and the first quartile and between the maximum value and the third quartile. Box Charts are widely used in financial, economic statistics. They use two-dimensional coordinate system. There can be several Box series on a plot if necessary.

This Chart shows the yearly statistics for the top 10 job salaries in Calisota state. Each box with whiskers represents all statistic information for one job: the min and max values, the first, the second (median) and the third quartiles. All boxes in this chart have whiskers and outliers. Whiskers draw attention to the max and the min values, and outliers are those values which don’t belong to their category’s range between the min and the max value, they are unique for their category (e.g. only one person in the state who’s got this job get a salary like this).

Categories are job names, and they are being spread along x-axis, and the values in dollars are held by y-axis. Grid is disabled.